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New Game Get! October 19 – 25

October has already been a great month to be a Nintendo gamer with Chibi-Robo Zip Lash and Yarn Yoshi Amiibo Yoshi’s Woolly World already out. This week we see a whole slew of titles releasing, including the much anticipated The Legend

New Super Nintendo Game in Developement.

  You may think this is a post from 1995.  This is 2012 and yes there is group of die hard programmers who are developing a new game for a system that was discontinued before Y2K. The company is Super

The other $50 Nintendo took from my wallet this weekend

Call me crazy, but these days the main purpose of my Wii has been to entertain while friends are over. No console is better equipped for this as just about anybody can pick up a Wii remote and figure out

Your 2012 gaming plans according to Nintendo

E3 may be long gone, but this week Nintendo has outlined the games gamers will be gaming (see what I did there?) on Nintendo consoles in 2012. Notably absent is any mention of recent Japanese releases Last Story and Pandora’s

Zelda fans, get ready to Ocarina of Time….in 3D

The good folks over at Nintendo have today announced its Q2 lineup, and in it we learn when we will be enjoying Zelda on 3DS! Mark your calendars, because June 19th will be Ocarnina of Time day here in North

3DS, one week later. My review.

It’s been one week since the 3DS was released to the masses. For 7 days now I have raided faces and turned my table into a shooting gallery, much to the curiosity of my cats. How do I feel about