New Game Get – Radiant Historia and De Blob 2


Radiant Historia for DS includes an incredible pedigree of developers and is released by trusty Atlus. The game features a non-linear universe in which you can travel through time, learning from the events you have already seen transpire in the game. Sounds like a fun game for fans of games like Chrono Trigger.

De Blob 2 is released by THQ and is accompanied by a hefty marketing campaign, including releases for Wii, DS, iOS devices, and others. Looks like a colorful sequel and sure to please fans of the first hit game.

Anyone picking up either of these games this week?


  1. Yup! Had some credit left on my Gamestop card so I pre ordered Radiant Historia. Heard about it in Nintendo Power and thought it looked very interesting

  2. I want RH so bad… but I preordered Odamiden recently so I’m a little strapped for cash…

  3. de Blob was pretty fun. At the very least I’ll rent de Blob 2.

  4. From everything I’ve read about this game, fans of JRPGs that feel the genre has gone stale should take a look at this game. Atlus games seem to be the last hope for them!

    Oh, and I’ve also read that while comparisons to Chrono Trigger are inevitable, the way time travel influences the story is very different here…

  5. Radiant Historia looks pretty cool.

  6. Historia sprawdzian do pobrania

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