My old DS shuns retirement

There it sits on my coffee table: My Ol’ Fat Blue DS, its empty GBA port gaping like a Death Star hangar. I bought it five years ago, and I’m not ashamed to admit I bought it to play Nintendogs.

I always intended to buy a DS Lite”¦or DSi”¦or DSi XL if Fat Blue bit the dust. But the little marvel just keeps going and going. I’ve had no reason to upgrade. What an incredible little workhorse.

Ol’ Fat Blue rocks. If it could talk, it would sound like a crazed Old West prospector”¦and it would spit tuh-backy juice.

It’s followed me through ups and downs, unemployment, new job and new town. Its case still shines, its hinges are perfect and the buttons respond like new. Screen scuffs turn invisible when it’s powered on.

It’s got heft; You could brain a burglar with it. Ol’ Fat Blue thinks the Lite is a softy and the XL is a showoff. It calls the 3Ds a gimmick. “That’s what folks said about you,” I told it. It spit tuh-backy juice at me.

I imagine that, in the end, with its last blip of fading power, Ol’ Fat Blue will go out blissfully recalling sunny afternoons of Meteos. But, right now, it’s got an Unwound Future calling.

Anyone else out there still gaming on one of these characters?