My old DS shuns retirement

There it sits on my coffee table: My Ol’ Fat Blue DS, its empty GBA port gaping like a Death Star hangar. I bought it five years ago, and I’m not ashamed to admit I bought it to play Nintendogs.

I always intended to buy a DS Lite…or DSi…or DSi XL if Fat Blue bit the dust. But the little marvel just keeps going and going. I’ve had no reason to upgrade. What an incredible little workhorse.

Ol’ Fat Blue rocks. If it could talk, it would sound like a crazed Old West prospector…and it would spit tuh-backy juice.

It’s followed me through ups and downs, unemployment, new job and new town. Its case still shines, its hinges are perfect and the buttons respond like new. Screen scuffs turn invisible when it’s powered on.

It’s got heft; You could brain a burglar with it. Ol’ Fat Blue thinks the Lite is a softy and the XL is a showoff. It calls the 3Ds a gimmick. “That’s what folks said about you,” I told it. It spit tuh-backy juice at me.

I imagine that, in the end, with its last blip of fading power, Ol’ Fat Blue will go out blissfully recalling sunny afternoons of Meteos. But, right now, it’s got an Unwound Future calling.

Anyone else out there still gaming on one of these characters?

23 Responses to My old DS shuns retirement

  1. Menardi says:

    I’m still using my old DS 🙂 bought it on day 1… Super Mario 64 DS was the game I bought alongside with it. The thing’s still working just fine, though the lil hole where the stylus goes is a bit slippery.. the stylus slides out of it at times without warning :()

  2. Marcus says:

    Oddly enough, I’m still using my Ol’ Big Blue to play Unwound at the moment.

    And ironically enough, the first game I bought on this old behemoth was Nintendogs (Dachshund & Friends).

  3. richufc says:

    I couldn’t resist the lure of the DS lite so ebayed my old phat a few months back. It served me well and I was a bit reluctant but it actually went for a surprising amount

  4. Drahken says:

    I have a Ol’ Fat Blue, but it’s actually my NEW ds. I still have (and use more often) my original grey DS Fat. He’s got more battle damage to his chassis than a GI Joe and a Jurassic Park action figure put together, but he runs like a dream.

  5. David says:

    “Ol’ Fat Blue will go out blissfully recalling sunny afternoons of Meteos.”
    I think that’s the first time an Infendo post ever caused me to tear up a little bit (and I haven’t even played Meteos). Nice post! You really capture the attachment a superfan can have to his game systems.

  6. NotsoGrumpyDavid says:

    Nope I haven’t touched one of those ugly beasts in years. Cute article though 🙂

  7. EdEN says:

    Traded in my phat for a Lite and then my Lite for a DSi. Waiting for Nintendo to allow us to transfer DSiware purchases to the 3DS to trade in my DSi for a 3DS.

  8. elmer says:

    I won my DS light in a slot machine arcade game in a cinema. It’s totally superior in every way save the lower volume speakers. Moreover, I obtained it totally guilt and expense free. Nevertheless, I keep my launch DS Fat around – It’s always there for the spontaneous bout of Tetris or Worms with my girlfriend. I’d never give it up…but I was pretty embarrassed toting around Hong Kong as long as 4 years ago.

  9. Ac says:

    I have the same one. And the games I bought first for my phat blue were nintendogs, Mario 64, trauma center, and advance wars dual strike….ah the memories. Never upgraded.

  10. videoanime says:

    I’m still using my old silver one, on day one bought too, and it still works, don’t need to update, I’m saving for 3DS instead.

  11. Frexy says:

    It’s the only DS I own, because it just keeps on running. I had to change it’s grey jacket (due to hinge-kill, caused by a 3-foot drop) for a sweet white coat though, but everything is still running great. Love that sturdy old thing =)

  12. CreepingDeathJr says:

    I still my fat blue too. I use it more than my DS Lite!

  13. yellow bear says:

    I did not git the blue one being it was not out. I got the silver/grey one. Did not use very long because I have gotin every generation of ds except the stupid xl. a couple months ago my ds phat died. It would not play any thing. So I let it die in peace……by karate chopping the top screen off.

  14. tychek0695 says:

    I’m still playing my original phat gray ds and boy do i love that baby. Bought it during its first month of release along with a free copy of mario 64 ds. After everything ive gone through with this baby dont know if i can ever replace it let alone think of the day it dies lol

  15. Sageofshadow says:

    Runs like new still. I got the grey one. I’ll upgrade with 3rd, but those other cheap upgrades wernt for me

  16. starfox says:

    I still got my silver one, it’s hinges are broken and the top screen is barely still attatched but it still works like new, I’ve been using my lite though so it doesnt break any more than it already is.

  17. Lman says:

    I don’t even own a ds lite or a dsi, so I only play my blue fat one. Great Post.

  18. robertp17 says:

    Yup… still rocking the original silver DS phat. I was thinking about buying a DSi but my wife convinced me that this wasn’t the true next DS and asked me to wait. Fast forward a bit and now we’re both looking forward to buying 3DSs. The DS will still be around though just like its Game Boy brethren before it (in fact I play my NES style GBA SP more than my DS at present).

  19. Janush says:

    Only take the grey fat bastard out on holidays. Mario Karted it to bits and now R doesn´t work properly.

  20. CrusherX says:

    I still have and use my blue DS phat and it works like new and the screens are like new. But now that i have a DSi, i use that most of the time. The game i bought with my phat was Metroid Hunters.

  21. Chris says:

    Got my silver phat 6 years ago, preowned at a Gamestop. Sheesh, it really is that long ago…

    It’s getting white around the edges and the screen’s a bit scuffed up, but still I have no good reason to upgrade!

  22. muggy8 says:

    i am and i’m loving it 🙂

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