Be excited. Be very, very excited!

With Nintendo announcing its 3DS plans this Wednesday, it’s time to start saving your pennies for the greatest Nintendo gaming system yet. Ever since news broke of the 3DS, I have been foaming at the mouth for any little rumor, spec sheet or screen shot of anything 3DS related. Here’s why:

1. The Wii brought me back into the Nintendo fold. After opting out of Nintendo after the SNES and buying a PS1, I hadn’t owned anything Nintendo for the last two gaming cycles. When they first showed the Wiimote back at E3 all those years back, I thought Nintendo was finally going the way of Sega. It wasn’t until the following year at E3 when lines wrapped around every corner just to get a taste of Wii Sports that I finally started to buy into the hype of Wii. With all the great gaming I’ve had with the Wii, I won’t miss the boat on the 3DS.

2. The DS is my favorite gaming system of all time. I bought a PSP and quickly found out I had wasted my money. With it’s terrible load times and lack of new and refreshing games, I resorted to hacking it within the first month of ownership just to play NES Roms on the go. $250 for a portable NES player was not what I had envisioned upon purchasing it. Sure it was sexy and cool, but it just wasn’t fun. After selling it on eBay, I took that money and bought the cheaper and more childish DS and I’m glad I did. With games like Mario Kart DS, the Zeldas, Metroid Prime Hunters, Nintendogs, Meteos, New Super Mario Brothers, Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, and the list goes on and on. I have owned more DS games and spent more hours with my DS than any other system and have enjoyed every minute of it.

3. I’ve seen the 3DS and trust me, it will blow you away. They say seeing is believing and in the case of the 3DS, seeing is believing. Screen shots do not give justice to the 3DS. Sure the games look beautiful from the screen shots, but they are in 2D. Once you play a game in 3D, you will wet yourself. It’s not even gimmicky at all. It is legit and adds a whole new dimension (pun intended) to gameplay. I can’t wait to see what developers come up with.

I can’t predict what will become of the 3DS, but I can tell you that you don’t want to be on the sidelines when this thing launches. With all the shortages of the Wii for the first 2 years of it’s lifecycle, expect the 3DS to be just as hard to come by when it launches. I don’t normally recommend pre-ordering anything, but in the case of the 3DS, it’s going to be worth it.