3DS, one week later. My review.

It’s been one week since the 3DS was released to the masses. For 7 days now I have raided faces and turned my table into a shooting gallery, much to the curiosity of my cats. How do I feel about my Nintendo 3DS after one week? Click on to find out!

The 3D Effect

One thing the 3DS has helped me realize is that my eyes must be broken. No, I can see the 3D effect just fine, it’s just that I’m not feeling any of the eye strain, headaches, or dizziness that it seems many others have been experiencing. In fact, the word that most accurately describes the 3D effect of the 3DS is simply, magic. It just works.

Take Super Street Fighter IV, for example, the character select screen uses layers to show off the 3D effect very well. The 35 playable fighters float in the foreground while a picture of the highlighted character is in a layer right behind, with the last layer containing a background image of a world map.

The moment that first made me say wow was when I pushed the home button to suspend a game. When doing so, the game image sinks to the background and as you select applications from the system menu, their icons float in the layer above. Simply put, it is amazing.

The Built in Software

This is where the 3DS really shines. As Richard points out, the software baked right in to each and every 3DS is the real bell of the ball. My activity log shows that AR games is my number one played game, and for good reason. There is something to the ability to turn your kitchen table into a virtual golf course.

Face Raiders has been my “show off my 3DS” game. Everyone handed off my console to has been amazed at how fun it could be to shoot themselves in the face! By far the most fun I have had with my console is just simply seeing how other people react to it, and I’m certain Nintendo intended for it to be that way.

The Games

When I picked up my 3DS at midnight, I also purchased 3 games: Super Street Figher IV 3D edition, Steel Diver and Super Monkey Ball 3D. My impressions with each game have been mixed, but mostly positive. With each game, the 3D has been spectacular and really pulled me into the experience.

Street Fighter is by far the best game of the bunch, and uses most of the unique features of the console. The online multiplayer is extremely addicting, while the Street Pass fights will have you carrying your 3DS everywhere you go.

Steel Diver and Super Monkey Ball are a bit more difficult to judge. On one hand, they are both good titles each with their own uniqueness to offer the gamer, but beyond the main gameplay of each title, there isn’t much to keep the gamer coming back for more. Disappointing? Yes, but keep in mind that each game has enough content to keep most gamers busy for 10+ hours, just don’t expect them to be titles you continue to carry around when the titles like Zelda and Kid Icarus arrive later this year.


The 3DS has lots to love about it, and I don’t regret my purchase for one second. The online functionality of the system, however, does leave a lot to be desired. It’s great that I can see when I have friends online playing their 3DS, but why can’t I send them a simple game invite to play Street Figher? Why am I unable to send my friends my Mii automaticly when we swap friend codes? Little annoyances such as this do slightly take away from the experience, but not so much so that it completely ruins it.

Early adopters of any product know what they are getting themselves into when they purchase their gizmo. I can get over the fact that features such as the Internet browser and eShop wont arrive until later into the consoles life, but that may not be something others can get passed at launch. If you have been holding off on buying a 3DS for whatever reason, I can honestly say that even if purchased today, you will not be disappointed. With some great titles arriving in the near (2-3 month range) future, there is enough to love about the console to hold you over until then.

0173-1291-1458 is my friend code. Eugene is my console’s name. Tell me about your first week with your 3DS and drop you friend code in the comments below.


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  1. ZeroChrome says:

    great review. i love the 3DS it’s really great. here’s my FC


  2. Kurt says:

    It has some problems as you said but I am very glad i picked it up.


  3. Brett says:

    All my comments on my first week with the 3DS are in the previous article’s comments section (so many possibilities…) and I probably shouldn’t repost ’em.

    Anyhoo, great review and here is my friend code:

    Lepus Quan

  4. Artefacto says:

    “Why am I unable to send my friends my Mii automaticly when we swap friend codes?”

    I’m going to try to think like a Nintendo engineer and try to answer that question from their perspective.

    A: So we have this new friend code system that’s unique to each 3DS, so you have to only share one code and that’s it.

    B: Oh, that sounds good! Much better than before. Maybe we can also trade Mii’s at the same time with that!

    A: Hmm, I did think of it, but there’s a problem with that.

    B: Really?

    A: Yes, you see, you can’t transfer a Mii through a friend code itself. The friend code will only register the code, and that’s it. If you wanted a code that could also transfer information of a Mii at the same time, it would have to be a 30+ digits code.

    B: I see, I see. But is there a way to share Mii’s easily with one another?

    A: Yeah, we have these QR codes that save a Mii, and can easily be shared among anyone. Not to mention the Mii Plaza that instantly shares Mii’s through sleep mode when you activate that function.

    B: Guess we’ll go with that. Also, some people might not want their Mii’s to be taken without their permission every time they exchange codes. Only if you want to share it, you do.

    A: Also, some people might share the 3DS among their family, and if one person shares codes with someone, and receives the Mii of their brother, it would be weird, right? So we’re keeping it up to the person to decide how to share their Mii with their friends.

    B: If I change my Mii a bit later, my code would still have my old Mii right?

    A: Right, so you wouldn’t be able to change your Mii at all if you wanted to at a later point.

    B: Hmm, true.

    A: We’ll keep updating the system after receiving feedback, so look forward to future system updates.

  5. Mr. McSquirtz says:

    Hey Eugene, I’m John

    Let’s be 3DS besties!


    I love my 3DS. It desperately needs better games, but I’m finding a lot of joy inside Raymen and Pilotwings. I’m sorta disappointed that the “3D” effect doesn’t make images pop out of the screen, but it’s still neat to look at. Mario Kart is going to be insanely awesome.

  6. MetalMarc64 says:

    After a week, I’m still discovering new things on my 3DS that make me say “Wow.”.
    When I first got it, I was a little iffy about this “sweet spot” that everyone has been looking out for on the 3DS, but when I saw for myself finally, it really wasn’t a big deal after all. And the battery flaws? I have yet to see a flashing red light warning me it’s almost up, seeing as how I juice it up on its cradle just about every night, even in Sleep mode.
    Just today, I just received my first batch of Miis through Streetpass after visiting an amusement park today, as well as a mall afterward, and I just love the amount of connectivity and interactivity between systems like that.
    I also just recently added some tunes to the 3DS Sound feature, and I’ll admit, the interactive changeable backgrounds that show during song playback made me giggle.
    The 3DS camera is a blast around friends, especially with that ability to merge 2 faces into 1. And with Face Raiders, I satisfyingly get my fill with that little tidbit. I get an ever bigger kick showing it off to friends and watching them move around to blast faces.
    For now, I got Nintendogs and Samurai Warriors, and I’m really happy with them. The 3D effects for both are very nice to look at, and I think Samurai Warriors pulls off the 3D effect quite nicely throughout the whole game, with the cinematics being well polished and pretty, and in-game graphics look real fine too.

    Overall, I’m glad I caved in and purchased this fine piece of equipment. I know there’s still a lot to wait for, but I’m having such a blast now, I don’t mind it at all.
    I guess my only gripe is that the 3DS model is rather small, as I have pretty big hands that fit perfectly around a normal DSi model. But I don’t mind shelling out some more green if and when Nintendo releases a 3DS Lite, or 3DS XL, in a matter of years.

    Here’s my info!

  7. chasedurer says:

    Great system with HUGE potential – I am hoping that Nintendo works out the friend code system allowing for more interaction with friends, etc. I cannot wait for the May update – kind of like waiting for another launch again since so much many more features will be added.

    Here’s my info – I added all friend codes listed here


  8. brian says:

    loving my 3ds never had a ds so i have pilot wings and new super mario bros! hell yea! I have been carrying mine around with me but yet to have a street pass.

  9. ac says:

    i do agree with the 3D thing. it works perfect for me. after a week, i play all my games all cranked up 3D, and never any issues. the only minor issue is the sweet spot is a little small. but otherwise its perfect. i actually haven’t tried the AR games yet. i guess i should try it tonight, and see what all the raves are about.

  10. Arjen says:

    Ooh, I’m getting more and more tempted to buy the 3DS right now. But I vowed to hold off ’til there was a big Mario/Zelda/whatever title. Or at least the eStore.

  11. King Salamon says:

    Shame on me… a week after having the 3DS and I still haven’t played the AR games. I’ve been busy with Street Fighter and Ridge Racer. Awesome stuff! I even picked up Ghost Recon Shadow Wars but it’s still stuck in the plastic wrap.

    My first week review, is simply awesome! Face Raiders was a surprise, I expected a simple game but after a couple of rounds it impressed me. Even my wife gave it a go and was quite surprised.

  12. Eugene says:


    Great discussion people! Keep it up. I’m interested to hear from everyone about their 3DS experiences.

    I have added all friend codes above this post, and will continue to add everyone who leaves their code in the comments.

  13. MetalMarc64 says:

    I completely forgot to mention the AR Games!
    When I first fired those up on my bed, my jaw dropped and my eyes lit up (I’m easily amazed with new Nintendo technology). Those are really some ground-breaking new engines that have a lot of potential. And I love using Play Coins to unlock more AR Games, and I still have yet to see Archery 2! 3D in the AR Games is amazing again, and it looks just as great with the 3D turned off completely. And when I used the character cards, I squealed at seeing Mario standing on my bed next to my Mii. ^_^

    Also, I added everyone that’s posted there code!

  14. willshyre says:

    I had a bit of strain the second day with the 3ds, but since then I’ve had no problems at all. It’s truly a delight!
    And IMO, I think the people who have problems with finding the “Sweet spot” are holding the 3ds too close to their face. I have had problems, but almost every time, when I scoot it a bit away, it works just fine. Now I just need to see if I can find something to automatically change the date to get past the daily 10 PC limit… 😛

  15. Eugene says:

    Don’t forget to let your contact at Nintendo know that we want more free things with the next update. Free things make me happy.

  16. Bill says:

    I love my new 3ds I have everyone I know play Face Raiders and I was in Universal Studios yesterday and met 3 new friends.


  17. Bill says:

    I have put all the friend codes into mine as well

  18. Holly says:

    It’s cool that the 3-D effect doesn’t tire your eyes out too much. I’m okay with it, except sometimes I emerge from playing the system squinty-eyed.


  19. So, the first Mii I made is of my son. But now the 3DS thinks that mii is me. Is there any way to change this?

  20. Eugene says:

    @James Kochalka
    Looks as if the only way to fix your problem is to edit your personal mii (the one you created as your son) to a mii of yourself and create an entirely new mii for you son. Others on the interwebs have run into this problem as well. A warning to anyone else who purchases a new 3DS.


  21. PRIVATE0 says:

    Great article !

    My friend code is 0344-9297-3729
    Name: private0

  22. Greg in PA says:


  23. jkl says:

    It really is a great and amazing system. I am trying to complete StreetPass Quest (Find Mii) 😛

    Name: Luke
    Fc: 4639-8954-3998

  24. gojiguy says:

    I’d say that while i love the 3Ds, the lack of a Wii message board style of message, photo, voice, and Mii sharing is absolutely backwards…

    The wii had better on day one than a 16-character “tweet”

  25. Vulpix says:

    My 3DS friend code:


    I’ve barely began exploring my 3DS and I’m loving every minute of it. It was a hefty price to be sure, but I don’t regret my purchase for a second.

  26. Bill says:

    I’m trying to get those 100 friends available. I added everyone on this list. Hook me up ChrisB.

  27. garyaga says:

    where do you find your friend code?? lol I figured everything else out but cant find the friend code lol. help me i wanna play someone in street fighter

  28. Bill says:

    At the top there is an internet symbol, a smiley face and a pencil. touch the smiley face and go one thing over on the screen and its at the top screen now with your mii and your friend code. Don’t forget to post your code and put mine in….

  29. garyaga says:

    Thanks add me eugene and bill 360910620710

  30. garyaga says:

    Thanks add me eugen and bill 360910620710 garyaga

  31. Eugene says:

    Added all the friend codes above, if anyone else wants in the mix post your code!

  32. Bill says:

    Just started a Face book for a Bill Gamefan. Here I will try to make my quota of 100 friends

  33. exposicion says:

    I know it’s been awhile, but I’m adding everyone on here to my friend’s list and giving you my own.
    FC: 2621-2770-2875
    Console Name: Gomerman

  34. Âlvärö says:

    Doing the same as Exposicion…
    Hope you guys get notified of posts on old threads:

    3DS FC: 2535-3935-9678

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