Rumor: Heroes of Ruin for 3DS coming from SquareEnix, n-Space

This one’s a doozy. Coming from the Facebook page of  developer n-Space, concept art for Heroes of Ruin was spotted with info that the title will allegedly be a new 3DS title published by Square-Enix. The game will also feature a panther wielding a humongous sword.

n-Space is best known for the Gamecube first-person adventure title Geist, and are also responsible for many of the Nintendo DS Call of Duty games. As such, they are no stranger to working with Nintendo hardware, which is promising for the future of their first 3DS project.

The title was previously trademarked by Square-Enix earlier this year, and the artwork has since removed from the developers page. Another title to look forward to hearing about at e3? I think so!

Click on through to see the concept art in all its art-like glory.

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