New Kid Icarus trailer makes us glad Nintendo usually doesn’t narrate their games


Kind of embarrassing. Be careful what you wish for.


  1. And yet people still ask for Zelda games to include verbal dialogue. No way. I’ll be happy if Nintendo leaves Beedle with the OOOOOOOOHHHH. And the Kikwi leader has the most hilarious sounds by far. Choo!

  2. I wouldn’t be opposed to them using voice overs if they entrusted it to top talent (aka Pixar-like levels, at the very least Naughty Dog levels). The problem is Nintendo makes a lot better games than they do procuring voice talent (i.e. the above and the previously atrocious Other M).

  3. Well, it would obviously depend on how much effort they put into it, and who they hired, but yeah, this is atrocious.

  4. I actually think the voice acting suits the game very well. Other M was not atrocious, shame on you.

  5. I kind-of like it. Ouch, the hate still stagnate there bud? Other M in my opinion was a great game all around. I’m hoping this game will be just as fun. 🙂 I’d rather them keep an option to have the original Jap audio actually. It’d be fun.

  6. seems cheesy enough to fit with the games tone, but I thought it was fine. The balance of the voices and the audio was terrible though, it definitely made the voices stick out more. I really liked Pits voice and what little we heard from Medusa. Palutena’s voice….not so much.

  7. do a barrel roll!

    …seems Nintendo does fine sometimes.

  8. I don’t understand – the narration wasn’t half bad.

    It was 90% bad.

    But in all honesty does Nintendo really have to give Pit a voice? It comes out atrociously

  9. As far as dubbing of Japanese products go, this wasn’t terrible, honestly. A lot better than we usually get.

    I mean, it’s no Layton, but it’s also not a Speed Racer. I’d actually throw it around where the Fairy Tail dub is.

    I’d love to hear it in Japanese, though.

  10. For reference, I just looked it up.

    It’s not terrible. It’s actually about the same quality as the US dub.

  11. Actually… (looks around)… I kind of like it! (runs away as fast as possible)

    On a more serious note I’ve never felt that bad voice acting has ruined a game. I actually enjoy cheesy voice acting, and I also enjoy good voice acting… just in different ways. If people don’t like it they can just turn the sound off.

  12. Sounds good to me. I mean, it’s not like Pit’s gonna have Master Chief’s voice >_>

  13. I don’t know what people expect. It just seems to me that it’s a catch 22. Nintendo are behind the times if they don’t have voice acting, then when they do it’s not good enough. I know voice acting has come a long way over the years but i would rather have it sound a bit last gen than not have it at all. And we aren’t talking PS1 Resident Evil bad here. It’s not AAA but it doesn’t need to be. What it does need to be is fun to play. Hope it is.

  14. its Johnny Yong Bosch who does pit and if you dont know him he does alot of voice acting for animes and tara strong doing palutena who also does alot of voice acting their both pro voice actors so i have no idea why it would sound kinda lasy i guess we have to wait and see

  15. it totally reminds me of the voice acting from megaman adventure on ps1.

  16. The game looks fun, that’s all I care about in the end.

  17. This is the kind of voice ‘acting’ that makes you cringe if someone else is in the room while you’re listening to it. Oy, no thanks.

  18. I’m not excusing primitive game presentation. I’m tired of characters grunting like idiots. If they don’t try, of course they will never get better. I’m ok with Nintendo trying to step into modern times and making a few mistakes at first. If Nintendo is as great a developer as we all believe they are, then they should be able to get up to speed.

  19. I just think the game doesn’t look all that good, so the voice acting is fairly inconsequential to me.

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