14 reasons I’m excited about Super Mario 3D Land…and 1 reason the box art bugs me

Mario hits the shelves in fourteen days! To celebrate this happy little countdown milestone, here are fourteen reasons to do the Mario! And, yes, there’s something about the box art I don’t like. See if you agree with me; I’ll mention it at the end.

But first: Fourteen reasons to charge up your 3DS on November 13th!

1. 3DS really needs this game (understatement of the year)

2. It’s a new Mario adventure on a new platform

3. Luigi’s unlockable

4. Famitsu gave it a 38 out of 40; said difficulty and level design feel “just right.”

5. Each level has an alternate version, effectively making two games

6. Tanooki suits…everywhere!

7. New Mario music tracks to enjoy through headphones

8. Boomerang suit!

9. This is 3DS’s big chance to showcase 3D gameplay with unique puzzles and illusions

10. It’s a return to quicker levels focusing on replayability

11. Streetpass ghost races, mini games and item gifts

12. It’s loaded with references to past Mario games

13. Bowser and Boos (not booze) in 3D should look awesome

14. Mario platformers have never let me down (personally, I loved Sunshine!)

Swing…your…arms…from side to side… Did I forget anything? If you’re picking this game up in two weeks, what’s your number 1 reason?

Oh, yes, the reason the box art bothers me: Mario’s not happy. He looks worried…like he’s about to get pummeled! Correct me if I’m wrong, but in every other Mario game released for Nintendo’s platforms Mario’s usually looked happy…sometimes angry or super-competitive…but always confident. I know they’re going for drama here, but this time Mario reminds me of Nintendo execs looking back at the stockholders! Am I wrong?

Oh, well, box art be danged; I can’t wait!


  1. My #1 reason is that it supposedly meshes 2d Mario style with 3d Mario style. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of 3d Mario. I loved Mario 64, but Sunshine? Galaxy? Never really played them. It’s just the same premise, collect stars/shine’s… I’m hoping for more of a traditional, fun, short gameplay levels that don’t get old by playing the same area 15 times to get all the different stars/shines.

    tl;dr I dislike 3d Mario games to a point, this seems better!

  2. nope. paper mario for the n64 mario looks kinda worried

  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_Mario
    he’s even sweating there…

  4. One of my favorite games, Paper Mario, has him looking very worried in the boxart. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about it from that point of view.

  5. What about on the Sunshine boxart? He looks like he is about to beat someone up! lol

  6. I have played almost nothing but my PSP this year, with the exception of Zelda + Starfox on 3DS, so I’m glad to finally have something new to do with my 3DS!

  7. @ Yellow Bear and Artefacto:

    Yes, but Paper Mario’s not real Mario…so…it…doesn’t…count…?

    Okay, you’re right. I forgot about Paper Mario. 🙂

  8. It looks to me like he’s whistling. In a kind of…it wasn’t me guv’nor kind of way.

  9. I don’t mind him looking unconfident. In fact, look at it another way… Mario’s nervous, hence this should be a fun adventure, and presumably a difficult one. Mario feeling unconfident might imply this game isn’t a cake walk like some of the last ones.

    But your reasons for being excited for the game are good.

  10. @ richard
    after having nothing to do on the computer i started looking up mario cover art and found a game call “mario the juggler” and yes it is real, and he’s looking nervous
    sorry richard i get all nerdy when im bored

  11. found another one
    (sarcastic voice)
    geez richard you have to do your research on mario games absolutely no one ever plays

  12. @ Yellow Bear:

    I asked for it: I did say “released for Nintendo’s platforms,” and these games definitely qualify! 🙂

  13. @richufc: I like your interpretation. Okay, the art is starting to work for me, now. By far, though, the best thing in the illustration is the annoyed tanooki Goomba.

  14. He’s probably nervous because he had to pose for a picture as he is running towards the angry block

  15. I cannot wait for this game. Finally the Nintendo game drought is turning into a flood of games what with this game, Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7. Bring ’em on!

  16. It may still get me to buy a 3DS, but a linear Mario with short, “replayable” levels is just not as cool to me as the sprawling Mario with huge “reusable” levels that we got with Mario 64 and Sunshine.

    The Galaxy games are somewhere inbetween, but I found them both to be shallower experiences than the first two 3D Marios.

  17. I agree Mario’s face suggest this game will be hard (which is great in my opinion).

    I’m very interested in your 9th reason. I’d love to know what everyone thinks about that after playing the game (as I’m not playing it myself soon).

  18. YAY! a positive article from Infendo about an upcoming 3DS game!

  19. OK so can someone PLEASE clear something up for me?

    Can you actually fly with the Tanooki suit in this game or not? That was easily the biggest appeal in SMB3, that you could not only float a bit with the tail while descending, but also FLY for a short time. In all the previews I’ve seen of Super Mario 3D Land, Mario is never shown in full flight. WHAT’S THE DEAL??

  20. Thanks for ruining the surprise that Luigi is playable in the game! Good job right there. I didn’t even have to click passed the jump to see it. Thanks a lot. I’m never coming here again. This website has been a sinking ship for a while now. Piss off with you

  21. Dear Pissed Off Infendian:

    I hope you’re kidding. A) The fact that Luigi’s unlockable has been all over the internet for days, now…and I’m talking front page on many Nintendo sites. B) Luigi’s nearly *always* unlockable in Mario games!

    You are kidding, right? Just in case, I’d better not spill the beans about Bowser being in the game…OOPS!

  22. You guys keep spelling “tanooki” wrong, its spelled Tanuki, its a japanese racoon that shapeshifts to prank people.

  23. @Iggirisu: We (and most other Nintendo sites) spell it the way Nintendo of America spells it in all materials relating to the game, and it’ll most likely be “tanooki” in the game itself. If ya got a beef with that, take it up with Nintendo. 🙂

  24. Go ahead and give me some links to actual game websites (not forums) that posted that Luigi is unlockable “before the jump” on the main page. I’ll sit here and hold my breath while you fail at that.

    Spoilers are bad, mkay? Why not just fess up that you fucked up instead of trying to blame me somehow. Take ownership, fella! Unlockable = spoiler

  25. @ Richard: I agree with “Pissed off infendian”… I didn’t realize Luigi was unlockable until I saw this article… I’ve been making a point to not read spoilers so there were some surprises left in the game

  26. Dear Pissed off Infendian:

    Okay, here’s a few, and note that they actually put the news in the title of the article!






    I do check these things out before posting an article, y’know. Also, this news was made public by Nintendo themselves. They want people to know this; they realize it’s a feature people want. I wouldn’t be surprised if they mention it on the back of the box. Luigi has been playable in every Mario platformer since Sunshine–This is no shocker.

    I just can’t get angry at your outburst, P.O’d.I. Y’know why? Because you’re a Mario fan, and that’s awesome. In just over a week, you and I will both have access to a wonderful new Mario adventure, and that’s cause for celebration, not arguing and cursing.

    Seriously, if Nintendo hadn’t already released this news, and other sites hadn’t already spilt ze beans loudly and clearly, I would’ve put in spoiler warnings.

  27. For someone to call the revelation of a Luigi appearance in a Mario game a “spoiler” is sad, yet hilarious.

    Better stay off the Interwebs, dude.

  28. Okay, so Luigi has only been unlockable in 2 games, and suddenly I’m supposed to know and expect that for all future games? I mean, I guess after seeing the box art with him as a statue, one could deduce that he was unlockable, but for the most part finishing a Mario game does not unlock anyone new. (Ugh, you have no idea how badly I wanted Peach to be unlockable in New Mario Bros Wii and Mario 64 DS.)

    Alright richard, you’re off the hook. I got a lot of new bookmarks out of this deal … heh heh. It just sucks that I found out here….but it looks as though that was inevitable.

    ….and you’re right. Let’s us all come together for our beloved Mario. I’m practically wet in anticipation for this game and Mario Kart 7.

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