14 reasons I’m excited about Super Mario 3D Land…and 1 reason the box art bugs me

Mario hits the shelves in fourteen days! To celebrate this happy little countdown milestone, here are fourteen reasons to do the Mario! And, yes, there’s something about the box art I don’t like. See if you agree with me; I’ll mention it at the end.

But first: Fourteen reasons to charge up your 3DS on November 13th!

1. 3DS really needs this game (understatement of the year)

2. It’s a new Mario adventure on a new platform

3. Luigi’s unlockable

4. Famitsu gave it a 38 out of 40; said difficulty and level design feel “just right.”

5. Each level has an alternate version, effectively making two games

6. Tanooki suits…everywhere!

7. New Mario music tracks to enjoy through headphones

8. Boomerang suit!

9. This is 3DS’s big chance to showcase 3D gameplay with unique puzzles and illusions

10. It’s a return to quicker levels focusing on replayability

11. Streetpass ghost races, mini games and item gifts

12. It’s loaded with references to past Mario games

13. Bowser and Boos (not booze) in 3D should look awesome

14. Mario platformers have never let me down (personally, I loved Sunshine!)

Swing…your…arms…from side to side… Did I forget anything? If you’re picking this game up in two weeks, what’s your number 1 reason?

Oh, yes, the reason the box art bothers me: Mario’s not happy. He looks worried…like he’s about to get pummeled! Correct me if I’m wrong, but in every other Mario game released for Nintendo’s platforms Mario’s usually looked happy…sometimes angry or super-competitive…but always confident. I know they’re going for drama here, but this time Mario reminds me of Nintendo execs looking back at the stockholders! Am I wrong?

Oh, well, box art be danged; I can’t wait!