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Update: Did Target, Amazon, and Best Buy just reveal the Wii U box art?

According to retail websites, Target, Amazon, andBest Buy, have updated their catalog with the final Wii U software box art. At this time, the final box art designs have not been confirmed by Nintendo, so it’s quite possible these are just placeholders. The supposed final designs do resemble that of the Gamecube software box art with the curved Wii U logo portion at the top. In addition, the...

14 reasons I’m excited about Super Mario 3D Land…and 1 reason the box art bugs me

Mario hits the shelves in fourteen days! To celebrate this happy little countdown milestone, here are fourteen reasons to do the Mario! And, yes, there’s something about the box art I don’t like. See if you agree with me; I’ll mention it at the end. But first: Fourteen reasons to charge up your 3DS on November 13th! 1. 3DS really needs this game (understatement of the year) 2. It...

America pisses Kirby off; Japan makes him smile

As seen on a plethora of Japan to U.S. box art translations. (Thanks, Sean.)

Mario Galaxy 2 box art is bursting with color

T-minus two months until lift off (May 25).

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Box Art Leaked?

Is it possible that this beautiful piece of leaked art could be the box art for Super Mario Galaxy 2? [Source][