3dporch lets you view 3DS photos online in 3D

I was really hoping that once we had the ability to take 3D photos with the 3DS that we could still share 3D images with our friends that don’t have a 3DS. It looks like Phil Dhingra, a developer from Austin, has figured out a way to do it. Dhingra has created a site where you can upload MPO photo files from a 3DS and they are automagically converted into a variety of views. One of those views is a red-cyan image that can be viewed in 3D with 3D glasses.

I highly recommend the following examples. [1] [2] [3] The effect is very pronounced and works better than I could’ve imagined.

It’s awesome to see this sort of ingenuity, even before the 3DS is released in the US! Anyone else able to check out these pics in 3D?


  1. Wow pretty incredible considering all I needed was a pair of glasses from a cereal box. Good to know that my 3D pictures won’t be locked to my console!

  2. I never have a pair of cardboard 3D glasses handy when I need ’em! Maybe I can find where I stored Sly Cooper 3….

  3. Try crossing your eyes, then slowly letting them reposition and you can get the 3D effect even from these photos.

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