3dporch lets you view 3DS photos online in 3D

I was really hoping that once we had the ability to take 3D photos with the 3DS that we could still share 3D images with our friends that don’t have a 3DS. It looks like Phil Dhingra, a developer from Austin, has figured out a way to do it. Dhingra has created a site where you can upload MPO photo files from a 3DS and they are automagically converted into a variety of views. One of those views is a red-cyan image that can be viewed in 3D with 3D glasses.

I highly recommend the following examples. [1] [2] [3] The effect is very pronounced and works better than I could’ve imagined.

It’s awesome to see this sort of ingenuity, even before the 3DS is released in the US! Anyone else able to check out these pics in 3D?