Miyamoto May Never Put His 3DS Down Again

Miyamoto May Never Put His 3DS Down Again

Back in April, I had reported that Miyamoto was a tiny bit jealous that he did not create Angry Birds.  Unfortunately, we have not seen a true successor to the addicting game of Fowl VS Pork, but we will see Angry Birds on a Nintendo console soon.

Rovio has announced that an Angry Birds Trilogy will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and The Nintendo 3DS.  The trilogy will include the original title, Seasons, and Rio.  We can expect the same elements as the mobile versions, but it looks like there might be upgraded graphics. There is no official release date, but we can expect it by Christmas.

Something I find interesting is that it will support the Kinect as well as the PS Move.  I wonder how the motion controls affect the game play.  I hope it means that w can actually get behind the slingshot and get a new view of the game play.

I would guess that our buddy Miyamoto is excited about the release, we probably won’t be able to pry the 3DS out of his hands.  What are your thoughts, will you even purchase it?

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