One of the many surprises coming out of today’s 3DS focused Nintendo Direct was a direct sequel to the SNES classic: The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past.

Link to the Past 2 is a fully 3D polygonal game, framed from a top down prospective and stylised to look like the original 2D SNES game. The game also takes advantage of its 3D structure in dungeons and in one scene Link is launched upwards to the next floor and with the stereoscopic 3D it looks like for a moment Link springs out of the 3DS screen altogether.

Link also has a new ability never seen before in the series in which if you are against a wall you can turn yourself into in an animated painting (which looks similar in style to the Link paintings from the intro to Wind Waker) and then walk around wall edges, overcoming gaps in the floor and then pop out the wall to your new location.

Nintendo has confirmed Link to the Past 2 will take place in the same world as the original, and the footage released so far matches up exactly in some areas, however all the dungeons are also confirmed to ne all new, hopefully these will be in different locations also.

There is a stereoscopic 3D video available to download and view on your 3DS now for the full effect or check out our first glimpse into Link to the Past 2 right here:



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