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Infendo Radio Episode 350: Thanks for the memories!

Welcome everyone to episode 350 of Infendo Radio! A Special Message As you may of heard this is the last episode of Infendo Radio by Harrison Milfeld, Colin Crompton and myself Lewis Pugh. It wasn’t a quick or easy decision

Infendo Radio Episode 349: Triple DLC

Welcome all to episode 349 of Infendo Radio. Harrison Milfeld, Colin Crompton and myself Lewis Pugh tackle the Nintendo News and your community comments. Please hold on to the end of the show as we have a very important announcement

Infendo Radio Episode 348: Steve Jaws

Welcome all to episode 348 of Infendo Radio and who is Steve Jaws? (hint: listen to the show to find out!) Harrison Milfeld and myself (Lewis Pugh)  team up to bring you the latest Level-5 Vision conference covering new 3DS announcements and

Infendo Radio Episode 347: Directly Amiibo

Welcome all to episode 347 of Infendo Radio! We’ve had another Nintendo Direct so it’s time to discuss the details! Join Harrison Milfeld, Colin Crompton and myself (Lewis Pugh) on our reactions and impressions on everything announced. Let us know

Infendo Radio Episode 346: Next Gen Apps

Welcome all to episode 346 of Infendo Radio! Today Harrison Milfeld and myself (Lewis Pugh)  have two huge news stories to cover. First up: Nintendo creating mobile games with the new partnership DeNA and second Nintendo’s next dedicated gaming platform; Nintendo NX.

Infendo Radio Episode 345: Best Nintendo Remakes

Please understand – this episode was recorded before the word-shattering news of Nintendo making mobile games and the Nintendo NX, this will be discussed in great detail on the next show! Meanwhile in Episode 345 we discuss the return of