Infendo’s Kart Community meets tonight!


Infendo’s growing community of Mario Kart 7 racers, created by Kart-Racer Extraordinaire Holly, meets tonight at 7:00 P.M. U.S. Eastern. The code is: 20-1691-6700-3942.

Last week’s meet had a great turnout! I arrived too late to join Holly’s group, but was able to enter one of the three groups playing. I raced through several cups, challenging some of our finest readers, and (as usual) I got slaughtered.

I actually managed to bob-omb myself in front of everyone. I think Nintendo needs to add more phrases to the post-race comments to choose from, such as, “I sneezed at a bad time,” “My cat jumped in front of the screen,” etc. One thing is certain: the Bullet-Bill onslaught at the start of Airship Fortress is the worst place in the game to get squid-inked…and then shelled…

Hope to see you online! Don’t pick Maka Wuhu!


  1. I had a great time last week! I will try to be in today, either at 7 Eastern or 7 Pacific.

  2. I hope to get my face smashed in this evening by everyone. Look forward to it.

  3. ill be there my mii’s name is matthew

  4. I switch between wakko1337 (My original Mii imported from the Wii) and Mike; they look the same, so you’ll know it’s me lol.

  5. Tonight will be another great Infendo community meet up. Though I do apologize for last week almost constantly getting bumped from some of the rooms I was in at times. Also including the race I was in with Richard. Very VERY sorry on that. But I do intend to have a good racing session with another of Infendo’s best racers out there in the community. 1ST PLACE, here I come!! Have fun tonight all, I know I will be. 😉 🙂

  6. @WII-LUIGI$
    Don’t count on it! Haha! Can’t wait! Hope we get to race together for once!

  7. Damn I will miss it again 🙁
    I have Basketball practice so I’ll try to join later tonight, hope to see some of you there…

  8. I hope to be there, but I’m pretty swamped with work :\

  9. I should be there – that’s 11am Sunday in Australia

  10. i will be there this time. i missed out last week. Looks like the roster double last week. hope it keeps growing!

  11. Hopefully I don’t forget this time. lol I’ll be John, and I’ll see you there!

  12. I’ll be there. As Mike… Bring it.

  13. So sorry i accidentally hit start i think

  14. Now presenting… Hotrod Zoidberg!

  15. Aaaaarrrg disconnected while i was in first…. Nuts

  16. in case you forgot- the pats play tonight!

  17. To whoever is Holly:

    You truly are a worthy adversary!

  18. Got my butt kicked again!

  19. it was fun richard!

  20. I hate being late

  21. Good racing tonight! We actually had some pretty big groups going too. Also, I finally got to play against the legendary Holly!

  22. Slaughtered by Wii-Luigi. Darn

  23. Tonight really disgusted me. Got DC’ed on some of my races. Only one I got a good race was against Lord Lemmy who slammed me real good tonight. Thanx goes to him tonight.

  24. Yea i got disconnected twice…. Darnit

  25. Dang, got caught up again.. Next time for sure.

  26. @Drahken
    That would be me. Thanks! You’re a tough competitor yourself!

    If you played me in that group of five or six, you probably don’t think I’m so legendary now!

  27. @Holly

    Oh I don’t know about that. You swept me on that last set. SNES Rainbow Road, I was ahead for two and a half laps, then you just breezed on by like it was nothing. I got the feeling you were toying with me, and I was just far outclassed. My hat is off to you, madam. My only solace was that I seem to be pretty with the ‘nanas when you’re right on my bumper.

  28. Err, “pretty good with”. Curse you, lack of edit button!

  29. @ Holly

    Don’t be so sure about that. The day I do come into the same kart room with you, you are soooo TOAST! The kart combo I have been using lately is a darn good one I used and won against many of the Infendo readers at least once. Ask anyone around. But all in all, let’s have another good racing session again this week. But if also, can we extend the racing sessions to Friday nights also. I feel it would bring out a lot to the communiy for people who might miss racing wiht other Infendo community people.

  30. @WII-LUIGI$

    Honestly, two of my wins were pure luck! If I could thank anyone (or thing) for those two wins, it’d be the blue shell and the bob-omb. If I hadn’t gotten either of those, you would have kicked my can. Also, unfortunately, that was the only set of races I was able to partake, on account of my being late. Cost me my overall third place! Luckily I’m only a few points behind, so I’ll definitely retake third next week. Maybe I could even take second. >:D

  31. @ Lord Lemmy

    Maybe you can take 2ND Place in the Infendo Community Races Ranking bro. But I still plan on rising to 1ST eventually real soon. I sorta live, breath and eat Mario Kart 7 ever since it came out. Don’t want to try and fall outta the competitive nature of the game like I did kinda with Mario Kart Wii. But with the way I race, I look forward to more great races with everyone here. 🙂

  32. A nice mystery is in the air. I’m 1ST in the Infendo community for MK 7 and Holly is in 4TH while I noticed no one who could have played today played AT ALL. She was ORIGINALLY 296 PTS. , 5 PTS. ahead of me. It makes me look as if I cheated when in reality, I never did. Can someone or anyone tell me if they know what happened.

  33. @WII-LUIGI$
    Yep, I know exactly what happened…sort of. I had a couple of races in the community on Monday, and I somehow went from 296 to 234. How? No idea. I am a little miffed, but I don’t blame you. Or anyone for that matter.