New Game Get – for the week of 11/29-12/5


So, yeah, I forgot to put up the New Game Get post this week. Forgiveness, please.

On the other hand, the only game worth mentioning that came out this week is Epic Mickey for Wii. Once I’m done playing Epic Kirby and Epic Donkey Kong, I’ll get right on Epic Mickey. (Hopefully before the epic 3DS comes out!)


  1. Set phazers to dispappointment as Warren Spector’s Vanity Game God project lands and is full of his “artistic vision” instead of delivering a good Mickey game.

    At least that’s what Jack would say if he didn’t slurp down all the hype for it already.

  2. I honestly think the game is overhyped.
    I don’t doubt it’s intriguing and fun, but some people are hyping the game as if it’s going to be a masterpiece.

    Nothing should ever be hyped as a masterpiece until it’s played.

    I’m still getting it… if I have money leftover from Christmas gifting. 🙁

  3. we shouldn’t be so harsh on it. Yeah Spector hyped it up WAY TO MUCH, ballooning everyone’s expectations but it’s not a BAD game. Most critics appear to agree that, it’s a decent game, not ‘game of the year epic masterpiece blow your mind to bits’ brilliant, but good. The core mechanic sounds interesting and it’s supposed to have quite a lot of replay value.

  4. Playing this game will give you the feeling that its development cycle wash rushed to be out on holiday season. It screams “unfinished product” all over the place.

  5. I take offense that the “only game” wort mentioning this week is Epic Mickey. What about Golden Sun DS? Golden Sun fans have waited a very long time for this, and it’s finally here.

  6. i agree with most comments here. dont think i will get it though, might rent it for a week o two and some place but i dunno

  7. i will buy it as soon as i can affors it. it got so much praise that its now in the “its cool to hate” on it phase. looks like a damn fine game from what i have seen and id rather play a new game from a reputable and trusted game make than assassins creed, call of duty yearly sequels.

  8. If Golden Sun did come out this week, then this is poorly titled.

    Got this game through the wife for Xmas, so I have to wait to play it and Goldeneye for that matter. But can’t wait for either. Mostly positive reviews, I can get over camera issues.

  9. I’ve seen the gameplay and videos of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn… Isn’t a game that fans have been clamoring for in full force for seven years worth mentioning? o.o

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