Epic Mickey

What do Scrooge McDuck, Suikoden, Sega Genesis and Henry Hatsworth have in common? The answer lies in a potential 3DS masterpiece.

The April Nintendo Power reveals many details about the forthcoming Epic Mickey sequels. The Wii game sounds solid, but — frankly — 3DS steals the show, here. While Wii, 360 and PS3 are all getting The Power of Two — a rather straightforward sequel  to 2010’s fun-but-flawed Disney twist — 3DS is getting an entirely different game, and it’s a gorgeous sprite-base...

Watch Warren Spector talk about Epic Mickey 2

Epic Mickey was one of the better games of 2010 for Wii and because of that it is getting a sequel, and this time not just for Wii. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two will be released later this fall, and will be released on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Warren Spector will again be head designer for the game, as Junction Point Studios looks to take the game to a whole new level by making the game a mu...

Mario and Mickey’s “missteps” are similar

Despite its obvious flaws, I’ve always been a vocal defender of Super Mario Sunshine. Lately, it seems I’ve taken the same role for Wii’s Epic Mickey, but my support isn’t the only thing these two games have in common. This interesting video feature outlines the surprising similarities between these two games released nearly a decade apart.

Mouse music arrives. Which soundtracks would you love to see released?

The Epic Mickey soundtrack is now on iTunes, joining World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy on the list of games fortunate enough to have powers-that-be who realize there are people willing to pay for this material. Mickey’s $9.99 soundtrack gives you 20 tracks of James Dooley’s excellent score, including the demented take on It’s a Small World, Oswald’s Theme and—my favorite—a terrif...

Epic Mickey Review: It eventually lives up to its name

If you stick with it, Epic Mickey’s flawed-but-amazing journey leads to a spectacular gauntlet of boss battles and platform challenges where all the pieces finally fall together for a satisfying and (big sigh of relief) epic finale. If you’ve bought the game and find yourself stuck in the fetch-quest quagmire that plagues its midsection, keep going; Epic Mickey gets far better in its secon...

Second Impressions: An update from Wasteland

Minor spoilers ahead. I originally jumped into Epic Mickey without reading any reviews or recent comments; I still don’t really know what the rest of the Infendo crew thinks of the game (according to post comments, I’m on one side of a rift. Really?) The first hours of of Epic Mickey were amazing: As a Disney geek, I got my money’s worth by the time I hit Mean Street. Many more hours int...

First Impressions: Epic Mickey is the best-looking game I’ve ever seen

I know beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but…wow. This game is freaking gorgeous. Screen shots don’t do it justice; You have to see it in motion on your own tv. It’s like a finely detailed chalk pastel painting come to life. I kept stopping to simply stare at the living artwork on my television screen. And the visuals are really solid—not a glitch or tear to be seen yet. The frame rat...

New Game Get – for the week of 11/29-12/5

So, yeah, I forgot to put up the New Game Get post this week. Forgiveness, please. On the other hand, the only game worth mentioning that came out this week is Epic Mickey for Wii. Once I’m done playing Epic Kirby and Epic Donkey Kong, I’ll get right on Epic Mickey. (Hopefully before the epic 3DS comes out!)

Critics doubting Mickey’s epic-ness, confusing fun with effort and charm?

Since game review scores are already inflated, these numbers can’t bode well for a game dubbed Epic. What’s more, a lot of reviewers are seemingly scoring the game higher than they might have otherwise given all the effort Disney put into making the game. Unfortunately for them, effort doesn’t always equate to inspired gameplay, which is what we want. Either way, we’ll publ...

Disneyland’s Small World clock is a boss monster. I want Epic Mickey.

At this point, I’d buy Epic Mickey just to wander around in its twisted mirror image of Disneyland. I knew the park attractions played a role in the quest, but until I saw this video I had no idea just how completely park-centric the game is. Nice to know there’s another huge title coming up right after DKC Returns. I seriously hope the gameplay’s as fun as the designs, or I̵...

New Epic Mickey trailer goes balls out

This change your mind one way or another? Epic Mickey arrives Nov. 30 on Wii.

Epic Mickey launches November 30

Epic Mickey, the Wii-exclusive that should have been a 2D platformer but will will probably rock our faces off anyway, will arrive on November 30, Disney Interactive Studios confirmed to Infendo today. A new streamlined launch trailer also arrived in our inbox, and is available here: I’m buying. Who else’s buyin’ what Warren Spector’s laying down?

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