Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey collector’s edition threatens bank account

I’ve been trying to unclutter my life and save money: Selling DVDs I never watch, putting the brakes on my need to collect stuff… But just when I think I’m making progress, along comes Disney’s official announcement of the Epic Mickey Collector Box. Would I pay an extra $20 to get the COLLECTOR’S EDITION of Epic Mickey? Heck, yes, I would. The Case, the Wii skins, and...

Epic Mickey should have been a 2D platformer

Truth be told, I’m still pretty psyched about Epic Mickey. But if I continue to tell the truth, as I will do so now, I have to say that I was disappointed when the 2D vibes in initial artwork faded away at E3, to be replaced with a 2D/3D hybrid. Will the game still rock? I’m optimistic, and must say yes, I think it will still melt our faces like some kind of whimsical paint thinner, bu...

This Epic Mickey cut scene is epic long

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8xJ9q5p5E[/youtube] Looks cool, though.