Epic Mickey collector’s edition threatens bank account

I’ve been trying to unclutter my life and save money: Selling DVDs I never watch, putting the brakes on my need to collect stuff…

But just when I think I’m making progress, along comes Disney’s official announcement of the Epic Mickey Collector Box.

Would I pay an extra $20 to get the COLLECTOR’S EDITION of Epic Mickey? Heck, yes, I would. The Case, the Wii skins, and the making-of DVD look fun, but that little 5″ figurine is the kicker.

Of course, if the game sucks, it’ll be the most pricey piece of plastic I’ve ever gotten…though it’ll have a nice box to live in!

I don’t think the game will suck, though. I mean, I finished the SNES Lion King. The one with the evil Monkey Puzzle Trees and a Simba who drowned in puddles. So I think Epic Mickey is gonna be just fine. If nothing else, it already looks like a great world to explore…at least for Disney Geeks like me.

Has anyone else here noticed that the game’s haunted house exterior combines the architecture of the three Haunted Mansion styles (Disneyland, Florida/Tokyo, and Disneyland Paris) into one mega structure? Pure. Disney. Geekdom.