Infendo Radio this week is all about the games

What can one learn from reviewing more than 300 games this year? What are the most underrated DS games of all time? Are smart phones replacing Nintendo handhelds? And are their any good games coming out next week? Find the answers to all those questions and more in this week’s episode:

To be featured in an upcoming show, email [email protected] (with audio recording if you like) or leave us a voice message at 434-535-BIGN (2446). NEXT WEEK: Join us for a rescheduled interview with Nintendo’s Kit Ellis (details inside the podcast).

[Outro music is “A la Mode” from Raybob Industries]


5 Responses to Infendo Radio this week is all about the games

  1. magnum says:

    😀 you guys have great intro and outro music!

  2. Derek B. says:

    Sorry for the technical difficulties this week, guys. Evidently, the Internet couldn’t handle the awesomeness Blake and I transmit through it. 🙂

  3. baelnic says:

    I think I know some plumbers that could fix the Intertubes for you next time.

  4. ac says:

    what i would have like to have known from that nintendo rep is whether or not they are planning to have a 3DS XL? who wouldn’t like to see 3D on a 4.2 in screen as opposed to a 3.5 in on a handheld?

  5. Teengamer says:

    I’d personally LOVE to be a VG tester. Best job in the world, hands down (despite the disadvantages you guys discussed) but I don’t know what you’d put on a resume to apply for it. 😛 *Plays video games 24/7?*

    SMG2 was absolutely amazing, and I hear really good things about Epic Yarn and DKCR. I’m extremely excited for Skyward Sword and 3DS as well.

    I don’t understand why you guys don’t like Sunshine. It’s a great game, even if it didn’t live up to expectations. That’s what I’D put as underrated.

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