Epic Mickey should have been a 2D platformer

Truth be told, I’m still pretty psyched about Epic Mickey. But if I continue to tell the truth, as I will do so now, I have to say that I was disappointed when the 2D vibes in initial artwork faded away at E3, to be replaced with a 2D/3D hybrid.

Will the game still rock? I’m optimistic, and must say yes, I think it will still melt our faces like some kind of whimsical paint thinner, but the inclusion of a Super Mario Galaxy 3D play style is yet another example of the troubling—and indefinitely continuing—trend with developers that says a 3D game is somehow superior to a 2D one by default.

The silver lining is that games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii/DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns and the new Wii Kirby title all show there’s going to be serious A-list developer support for 2D titles in the very near future, at least from Nintendo anyway. Incredible sales and critical acclaim say that quality 2D games will sell in this day and age, which makes Mickey’s waffling commitment to the genre all the more sad.

Now, do I wish all future games were 2D, because they are somehow hands-down superior to 3D titles? Obviously not, and you’d be ignorant or disingenuous with your comment if you were to say that’s what I mean.

So, when Kotaku’s Brian Crecente says, “I really wish Disney Epic Mickey was just a platformer,” in his post today about new 2D platforming Epic Mickey footage on YouTube, I can only say this: Me too.