Mario and Mickey’s “missteps” are similar


Despite its obvious flaws, I’ve always been a vocal defender of Super Mario Sunshine. Lately, it seems I’ve taken the same role for Wii’s Epic Mickey, but my support isn’t the only thing these two games have in common. This interesting video feature outlines the surprising similarities between these two games released nearly a decade apart.


  1. Ugh… Sunshine…

    Not that I hated it, just got tired of cleaning everything. I would start a board that’s covered in paint and its like “here we go again”. Plus I bought two copies of the game and neither would play the entire game, which also makes it the only mario game I haven’t 100 percent completed.

  2. Though I could never get myself to finish Epic Mickey, I found much enjoyment in Super Mario Sunshine. I remember beating the hell out of that game… several times! It could just be me, but I never found any problems with Sunshine at the time. Epic Mickey (on the other hand) I couldn’t get past the camera issues. I’m thinking that maybe if I hadn’t known that it had camera issues before I played the game … I would have appreciated it more.

  3. Both of these games look fantastic, and I think I could look past the flaws.
    The question is which one should I buy?

  4. I think Epic Mickey was a great game, and we need more games of this type in the industry.

    I’m tired of that FPS or shooter centric industry ( and i’m a FPS and shooter fan ).

    That was soooo refreshing despite the shortcomings.

  5. Derek, that’s a terrific and spot-on comparison! I enjoyed both games despite their problems; both created their own fascinating little universe to explore.

    My main disappointment wth Epic Mickey–beyond the truly evil, evil camera–came with the realization that the main gameplay in each new level involved fixing machinery–not exactly how I wanted to spend my time in a cool, surreal mirror image of Disneyland! If the entire game had been as good as the final boss sequences, it could’ve been one of the best games ever.

    Another thing both games had in common: Their biggest emotional punches happen in the cinemas, not the gameplay; The moments I rmember most are F.L.U.D.’s last words and Oswald’s heartbroken line, “Mickey, I’m beginning to understand why Walt liked you better.”

    Gotta go…getting teary-eyed…:)

  6. Thanks, Richard! Great points on Epic Mickey, as well.

  7. i have always loved mario sunshine, iv never played epic micky but it does look pretty cool, i might pick it up, cuz its not like my wii’s getting any younger..

  8. Funnily enough, as I was watching the video, my little daughter was wall papering my arm with Mickey Mouse stickers, but anyways. I’ve never played Epic Mickey, though I’ve been wanting to since its release. I like the story and idea behind the game and yes, I’ve heard about the “broken camera” problem. My question is this: Is this the biggest problem? Because if it is, I can tolerate an annoying camera for an imaginative game.

    I have played Sunshine, however, and even though I didn’t really like it and the water pack when I first played it, I gave it another shot a couple of years later and couldn’t put it down. I don’t know what it was, but I found the fun behind the game the second time I played it and I consider it one of the funner games I’ve played.

    Good video though, I enjoyed seeing the comparisons of two games I normally would never have considered being kin. Kinda puts a new perspective on the Mickey game and one day soon hopefully I can see for myself.

  9. One minor problem with the comparison… the reception of Sunshine at the time was decidedly not that mixed, it always got scores of well above 80% and holds a 92% average at Game Rankings. Maybe in retrospect people’s opinions changed, and it wasn’t as well received as many other Mario games, but to say it got a mixed reception seems kind of misleading.

  10. @ anan, you should get sunshine.

  11. You’re right, Nin3DS. But if you ask a lot of the critics who gave it those high scores back then, they’ll tell you they overrated it. I only have anecdotal evidence of this, but I’ve heard it a lot. I think the pervasive notion now is that Sunshine was clunky and disappointing, with criticisms very similar to those of Epic Mickey.

  12. I have not played Epic Mickey, but SuperMario Sunshine is my all-time best Mario 3D game, and the only one that I have actually finished 100% (I also finished all of SuperMario 64 story mode, but wasn’t able to collect all the coins).

    The problems with the camera in Sunshine were not a deal-breaker for me. In fact, I have never found a 3D platformer that didn’t have similar camera issues, and actually Sunshine had a very good solution for when your character was hidden in the form of an always-visible shadow. SuperMario 64, which many choose as their all-time favorite, had really nightmarish camera controls in comparison!

    As far as aesthetics, yes, Sunshine was the best-looking game of the GameCube era and even surpasses most of the Wii games. It looks even better than Galaxy, IMO!

  13. Nice find, Derek. You think Warren Spector was heavily inspired by Sunshine, or was it mere coincidence? Will need to discuss on the podcast.

  14. Derek, do you find yourself talking more like Mark? You seem to be enunciating similar to him … and I approve. 😉

    You didn’t mention the lack of flame throwers and El Caminos, but I can forgive you for that.

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