New Super Nintendo Game in Developement.


Nightmare Busters

You may think this is a post from 1995.  This is 2012 and yes there is group of die hard programmers who are developing a new game for a system that was discontinued before Y2K. The company is Super Fighter Team and they are planning on making 600 copies of a side scrolling adventure game called Nightmare Busters. Nightmare Busters is due out in 2013 and you can preorder it now for $60.

What do you think about developing new games for older systems? Its probably a waste of time because with over 700 titles for the SNES it will be hard to create anything original or better than the games already made.

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  1. Bill says:

    Not for $60. It’s a cool idea though. CDs are occasionally released alongside a collectible vinyl, so I see this as a variant of that without a new-platform title. It’d be interesting to see more of that in the future.

  2. Mike says:

    That reminds me of the time I heard about this guy who was writing a book.

    It’s probably a waste of time because with the millions of books out there it will be hard to create anything original or better than the books already written.

  3. Richard says:

    Mike, if everyone shared your philosophy, nothing new would ever be created.

    Regarding the game, I wish they’d develope it for eShop: I’d never preorder a $60 anything sight unseen without some sterling advance previews from reviewers I trust.

  4. Mike says:


    You misunderstood. I was sarcastically pointing out that that if everyone shared DAN’S philosophy, based on the last sentence of his original post, nothing new would ever be created.

  5. Noveli says:


    That was the most blatant sarcasm I’ve ever seen someone completely miss. Oh, and you’re both right, Dan’s conclusion sucks.

    And what the hell Dan, finish writing the damn article.
    A better approach should have included reference to modern gaming trends and how they might apply to a project like this. Think about Vblank’s RetroCity Rampage. That game’s not even SNES and it’s taking gaming concepts from every generation and mashing them into an old cartridge style game.

  6. Dan says:

    @Mike Im not saying a better could NOT be created just that it would be unlikely in my opinion that this group of programmers would create a game for the SNES that is better than the side scrollers that were created for the system back when it was still in production

    @Noveli the point of the article was just to create awareness of this game and get opinions as to whether this is a good idea or not, not to delve into the modern gaming trends. As for saying my conclusion sucks… Im fine with your opinion, but its not as if I had a hard line conclusion just a point for discussion.

  7. Richard says:

    @ Mike and Novelli;

    Oops. Maybe I should make sure I’m fully awake before I post next time. 🙂 Sorry ’bout that.

  8. Daniel says:

    Mike. Tyson.

  9. Âlvärö says:

    This will be a good for collectionists, but that’s it. The content is not worth the $60 they will charge. eShop may have been a better idea.

  10. Cass says:

    A while back Watermelon realeased Pier Solar on the Sega Genesis. It was as good as any RPG released in its day. It can be done.

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