New Get Game? Only on the Shop Channel, apparently


Looks like there aren’t any new physical media games coming out so close to Christmas, but over on the downloadable side of things it’s a different story. Frobot is now available for WiiWare and there’s even a free demo. It’s a fun little game that sort of reminds me of Robotron 2084. And if the recent Wii Party didn’t float your boat, the N64 classic Mario Party 2 is now available as well.


  1. I’m totally going to get Mario Party 2 once I have enough points.

    Wonder if they’re going to follow it up with Mario Parties 1 and 3.

  2. The week before Christmas, I don’t think publishers want to bring anything out.

  3. I agree, Mohan. I am definitely tempted by Frobot, so hopefully I’ll end up with a Wii Points card in my stocking!

  4. Mario Party 2!!!!