Derek picks favorite Wii games of 2011

Let’s be honest. 2011 wasn’t exactly the Nintendo Wii’s best year. Sales continued to dip, and it suffered a game drought that made even GameCube’s driest days seem prosperous in hindsight. But even so, there were still some great Wii games released last year.

Believe me. I really had to look.

Check out my picks for the top ten Wii games of 2011. You can see the first five picks embedded above, and you can watch the top five here. If you’re interested, I also did a feature on the top ten 3DS games of 2011, viewable here (10-5) and here (5-1).

What were your favorite Nintendo games of 2011?


  1. I’m so glad you could actually find 10 great Wii games! Excellent list! My top five Nintendo games were Freakyforms, Yoshi’s Island (VC), Super Mario 3D Land, Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 7 at #1 (it’s my favorite franchise).

    You made me cry by not including the wondrous Freakyforms on your 3DS top ten, but I agree that Pushmo’s awesome (I rank it 8th among all the Nintendo games I played this year.)

  2. There were 10 Wii games released this year?

    I kid, I kid!

  3. Pretty good list Derek.

  4. My work blocks youtube links… can you post the list in text as well? I guess I can wait until later when I get home, but I want to see what Wii games you were able come up with!

  5. The only Wii games I bought and played this year were back catalogue games. Most from 2010.

    Monster hunter, tatsucap, No More Heroes, Samurai Warriors, Sin and Punishment, Virtual console games, etc.

    I did play some Kirby… and I got Cabela: shadows of Katmai for the lulz but TBH my Wii was used for a lot of gamecube games and older Wii games this year.

  6. How did I miss Centipede Infestation by WayForward? Getting a copy today!