Lego improves everything: Top 10 most wanted Lego games

There are few perfect things in the world. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Pixar. Walruses.

And Lego.

Lego sets never have missing pieces. Lego always works, always inspires, and never disappoints’even in videogame form. Lego Star Wars proved that blasters plus exploding Lego equals awesome. Lego Indiana Jones? Not quite as good, but well done. Lego Batman? Solid. Lego Rock Band? Hilariously fun. Lego Harry Potter? Best Lego Game Yet!!!

Seriously, any game that can turn Cedric’s murdered body into comedy without being offensive is a work of genius.

The world gets better every time a new Lego game is released. We need more. Here’s a short list of properties I’d love to see Lego-ized:

Lego Resident Evil
Lego How To Train Your Dragon
Lego Goonies (Sorry”¦can’t help it)
Lego Lord of the Rings
Lego Cabela’s Big Game Hunt
Lego WWE
Lego Jaws meets Disney Channel Teen Stars
Lego Kingdom Hearts
Lego Pixar Anything (But start with Cars.)
And, of course…
Lego Mario (better yet, actual Nintendo-themed Lego sets!)

With each release, world stress would ease up…Lego can save the planet! What franchise would you like to see Lego-ed?