Lego City Undercover Limited Edition Bundle

Fans of the Lego series will be excited to find that the Limited Edition Bundle will include both the game and  LEGO mini figure of Case McCain.  As ling as there is not a price difference, I think it is a pretty cool inclusion to the game.  However, It would be pretty cool to see a six inch version, or a mini playset. What are your thoughts on the bonus? Hit the jump for the full press release:

3DS hands-on report – PAX East 2011

I spent nearly 45 minutes playing with a variety of games at the Nintendo booth during PAX East. Here’s a quick rundown:

Breaking – Nintendo reveals 18 launch titles for 3DS

Nintendo has revealed the list of 18 games set to launch with the 3DS system on March 27th: ”¢ Pilotwings Resortâ„¢ ”¢ Steel Diverâ„¢ ”¢ nintendogsâ„¢ + cats ”¢ Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition ”¢ The Simsâ„¢ 3 ”¢ Madden NFL Football ”¢ Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D ”¢ LEGO® Star Wars® III: The Clone Warsâ„¢ ”¢ RIDGE RACER® 3D ”¢ Super Monkey Ballâ„¢ 3D ”¢ BUST-A-MOVE UNIVERSEâ„¢ ”¢ SAMURAI ...

Lego improves everything: Top 10 most wanted Lego games

There are few perfect things in the world. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Pixar. Walruses. And Lego. Lego sets never have missing pieces. Lego always works, always inspires, and never disappoints’even in videogame form. Lego Star Wars proved that blasters plus exploding Lego equals awesome. Lego Indiana Jones? Not quite as good, but well done. Lego Batman? Solid. Lego Rock Band? Hilariously fun...

Nintendo Spotting: LEGO contest edition

Pittsburgh-based S.W. Randall Toyes and Giftes is holding a LEGO contest for children, displaying each of the entries—including this brilliant production of pixelated plastic—in its storefront window. The artist was born more than a decade after the release of Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Who says kids don’t have good taste?