Cancelled GCN title returns in Wii compilation


GameCube faithful will finally be able to get their hands on Radio Allergy, one of the system’s cancelled 2007 swan songs.

Only they’ll be playing it on Wii.

Ultimate Shooting Collection, the aptly named shooter compilation, will include Radio Allergy.

The localized version of Japanese shooter Radilgy, Radio Allergy was planned to be one of the final games released for GameCube before being cancelled in June 2007.

Ultimate Shooting Collection also includes 2005 GameCube shooter Chaos Field and Karous, a shooter that has never been released beyond Japanese shores.

The hardcore three-shooter compilation will be priced modestly at $29.99, and it is set for a November release in North America.


  1. Love the box art (facepalm)

  2. I’ve had Chaos Field for quite awhile. It’s fun, but can be kind of tough. I guess I will grab this eventually, but I’ll hold onto Chaos Field to be a shump box art snob.

  3. From everything I’ve head, they’re cut down pretty badly. All the extras on the individual releases are gone. But on the other hand, most people that would really care about those extras have probably already bought the games on either Dreamcast or Gamecube already if they really wanted them.

  4. Ditto, Blake. Could they get more generic? Generic artwork is really a problem on a lot of Wi Games.

  5. Three bargain basement shooters for the price of one, all with shovelware quality boxart to boot!

    You know what’d be good? Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun on one disc.

  6. meh. Never even heard of them games. And from the sounds of it, it seems like a game I wouldn’t care if I played or not.

  7. Please bring this to Europe …

  8. I really wanted Radio Allergy…

  9. Next time let’s have a shooter collection with good shooters on it.

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