Poll – Shooter shoot out

There are a decent variety of shooters, but I distilled them down to four essential types.  First-person shooters (FPS) like Sega’s upcoming The Conduit, on-rails shooters like House Of The Dead Overkill, Shoot ’em ups (SHMUPS) like Gradius ReBirth, or scrollers like Metal Slug 7.


Vote and then tell us which game is your favorite shooter in comments!


  1. No third-person shooter category?

  2. I would go with FPS.
    However Third person Shooters such as Gears 1, 2 , RE5 and the likes are probably right up there with FPS as my fav.

  3. SHMUPS all the way. Ikaruga FTW!

  4. I went with FPS, but with a caveat: on-rails is ridiculous fun with a friend and when you’re shooting zombies in the face.

  5. Call of Duty 4 is the best FPS of all time, and possibly the best shooter too. Just an amazing game that I still play today, even over 5. I’m so happy they are making a sequel

  6. I put FPS, but I really like third person shooters too. But I suppose, more than TPS, I like third person action games that happen to have shooting as well.

  7. I’m guessing third-person counts as shoot-em-up too. I like me a fair share of both FPS and TPS.

  8. Since Geometry Wars is the best game eva, i choose shmup, even though its not really one

  9. i knew i was a freak, this just confirms it. i love all three options besides the FPS, i only play a very small number of FPS games. i really enjoy the ones i do get into, but i think it’s a genre that’s been, shall we say, oversaturated.

    on-rail shooters get a bad rap. umbrella chronicles was fun, i just finished it and am kind of looking forward to the sequel. there seem to be quite a few of these popping up on the Wii lately… it’s the *perfect* platform for it though, so keep ’em coming. would anyone else really like to see a Time Crisis on the Wii, or a Virtua Cop even? zombies are cool and all, but a little variety might be nice.

    scrollers and shmups = old school = win. all arguments can just be summed up with the words “metal slug, contra, ikaruga, r-type.”

  10. I picked on-rails mainly for titles like Overkill and HotD 2 which are insane amounts of fun.

    My next choice would be 2D. Nothing can beat a good ‘ol run through Gunstar Heroes or Alien Soldier

  11. I know people already said this, but where is the third person shooter option?
    Resident Evil 4 all the way!!! (much better than 5 [especialy the wii edition])

  12. I must say… These results are disappointing…

    And I always hear people complain about the market being clogged and over saturated with FPS games…

  13. 3rd person shooters OWN FPSs…

  14. I’m essentially beating off in anticipation of Darkside Chronicles.

  15. I love all of them expect fps’s I could live with out those pretty easily. I voted for shmups just because it’s my favorite of the three.

  16. Not surprised that FPS would rule here, but wow. On-Rails so low?

    What happened to people growing up in arcades playing House of the Dead and Time Crisis. How’s the public opinion really changed that much nowadays?

    And yes, Ikaruga FTW. I do love some SHMUPS and sidescrollers, but on-rails gives you such a unique experience. Especially ones with branching paths.

  17. Ever heard of third person shooters, David? Those are my favorite, actually. First-person games, in my opinion, actually take away from the experience of being the character that you are controlling.

  18. While I wish I could vote for two (FPS and Shmup) I have to say FPS for me.

    As for my opinion of what the best FPS is? Doom, or rather to be specific, Final Doom (The game that included Doom, Doom II, TNT: Evilution, and Doom: The Plutonia Experiment). I say this not out of nostalgia, but because you can pick it up today, and it still stands as one of the best FPS games of all time.

  19. It really does depend on a lot of factors:

    1. I like variety so I don’t marry myself to one genre
    2. When my non-gamer bro comes over he can play a rail shooter, but a full blown FPS typically has too many intricacies to learn for what he is looking for. Point at the screen and pull trigger is plenty for the 20 minutes of fun he wants to have.
    3. I am better at third person shooters than FPS games.
    4. The individual game can suck or rule regardless of genre HOTD Overkill is better than Farcry for the Wii.

  20. On second though, may have to go w/ 3rd person as well. Res 4 and Uncharted were amazing.

  21. I like the Third Person shooters.

  22. 3rd person which would be every thing from scrollers to shumup.

    FPS there are a few different types of players in that range. You have quake players, tactical players, and ummm snipers. Notice how the scale goes from complete unrealistic hyper fun to simulation. More and more FPS are sims these days and it’s not fun.

    I just hope the guys that make contra on the DS make another game for the Wii like Super contra! @d has been over looked for way too long. 3D is nice but 2d game involved way more skill, there was no splash damage or camping and online contra would rock!

  23. On-rails shooters are just too easy. All you’re doing is testing your reflexes and aim in a fairly basic way. Shmups and scrolling shooters are so vastly different from FPS games, that it’s hard to compare them really, but given that my favorite gaming experiences have come from FPS, not to mention some of my income as a younger person, I really have to pick the FPS genre. Wolfenstein, Doom, Tribes (aka the greatest game ever made), Deus Ex (yeah, it’s an RPG, but it’s an FPS too), Half-Life/Counterstrike/A billion mods, Unreal Tournament on the high speed LAN at college…. the list goes on and on. Although Gunstar Heroes is tough competition, I’ll admit. It’s one of the few scrolling shooters that I’ll still pick up and play to this day.

  24. i’m really having a problem voting on this one. there are certain games in each genre that i would argue are the best. can’t decide…

  25. Third-person is okay. There’s no TPS for the Wii as far as I know, though, and using the right-analog for TPS is kinda tedious.

  26. @Richter
    “On-rails shooters are just too easy. All you’re doing is testing your reflexes and aim in a fairly basic way.”


    Spoken like the true words of someone who hasn’t played many of them. While sure, early titles like Virtua Cop may have been that way but it’s not anymore.

    Is Tetris still a test of your reflexes? Of course not. It’s about getting a high score and there are ingenious boss battles that involve multiple stages of battle on their own. Branching pathways, secret bonuses, chain combos, etc.

    It’s a deeper genre than you would think.

  27. @CaptainBoosh
    “What happened to people growing up in arcades playing House of the Dead and Time Crisis. How’s the public opinion really changed that much nowadays?”

    When those games came out in arcades, I was at home playing Doom and Quake! :p

  28. Yeah, I didn’t touch consoles starting from about when Wolfenstein 3D came out and ending when I caught my partner playing Super Mario Sunshine at a kiosk in TRU when I was there to buy a birthday present for my niece. I went into a few arcades now and then, but after trying a few lightgun games I pretty much resigned myself to finding the odd Galaga machine.

    Which is why I chose “SHMUP”, even though I don’t think any of them in the last 25 years have ever really topped Galaga. Games with constant bullet hell aren’t shooters, they’re dodgers.

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