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Mighty Gunvolt Gets Free DLC & Updates

Mighty Gunvolt, which has been available on the Switch eshop for some time now, has received its first bit of DLC. Ekoro, from the Japanese on-rails shooter “Gal Gun” is now available as the third playable character in the game.

Poll – Shooter shoot out

There are a decent variety of shooters, but I distilled them down to four essential types.  First-person shooters (FPS) like Sega’s upcoming The Conduit, on-rails shooters like House Of The Dead Overkill, Shoot ’em ups (SHMUPS) like Gradius ReBirth, or

Review: Fireworks dazzle in Big Bang Mini

Sometimes, the best games are the ones you didn’t see coming. Those games are special. Without media hype or a franchise to which they can attach, they fly under the radar, and no one seems to notice. Big Bang Mini

Big Bang Mini explosively colorful, addictive

Fireworks get me pumped. When you include them in a video game and let me shoot them, you become an instant winner in my book. SouthPeak Games, a winner is you. The good folks at SouthPeak were kind enough to

Cancelled GCN title returns in Wii compilation

GameCube faithful will finally be able to get their hands on Radio Allergy, one of the system’s cancelled 2007 swan songs. Only they’ll be playing it on Wii. Ultimate Shooting Collection, the aptly named shooter compilation, will include Radio Allergy.

More Wii shooters inbound with Milestone Shooting Collection

The Milestone Shooting Collection, previously a Japan-only collection of three shooters, is coming stateside on September 23 courtesy of UFO Interactive. The title was initially announced last May (as in, 2007), and with only one title to its name, Karous.