Big Bang Mini explosively colorful, addictive


Fireworks get me pumped. When you include them in a video game and let me shoot them, you become an instant winner in my book.

SouthPeak Games, a winner is you.

The good folks at SouthPeak were kind enough to send me Big Bang Mini last week, their colorful new fireworks-shooter for the Nintendo DS. This game is literally a blast, a polychromatic particle party you’ll definitely want to try. It’s colorful, addictive and best of all, original.

Big Bang Mini ships to stores tomorrow at the attractive price of $19.99, and we’ll have a full review to celebrate the release.


  1. For a game with a generically cheesy name this actually looks pretty cool. Curious to see your review.


  2. All the online usuals seem to have it for $19.99. I wanted to have it in my hands right away, but $10.00 saved is $10.00 saved.

    I never got to play the PS2 launch game with the fireworks (Fantavision) so this will be my revenge.

  3. Oh (raises hand) did you get the lenticular cover?

  4. Sorry, Brian. Mistake on my part. It’s $19.99.

  5. The demo is on the DS channel. Its fairly long (and challenging) for a demo and really pulls you into the action fast.

    I think I’m gonna get it.