These Squeeballs need a good Home


These little fellows have had a harsh life at the Squeeballs testing island. Many of you must be like ‘What is a Squeeball?”

Well a Squeeball is an animal that is apparently sold in stores as toys. Yet before they can be a toy they must go through a rigorous test to assure that they are top a top quality product. That means being grinded up in a meat grinder, being hit by a tennis racket into a mines, being propelled into a wall to paint pictures, and all sorts of nasty things. However, it seems that some of them managed to escape torture and escaped to my house in a crate sent by the nice people over at PDP. Hit the jump to see what else came in the crate.


I got an e-mail saying that “‘it is  okay to open the crate, they won’t bite.” I was like what crate!? and checked my house door and found this.


After reading that I thought I was going to get a whole bunch of spiders or something. I was a bit scarred to open it.


Let me tell you, seeing that eye after cracking open a corner of a crate is disheartening.


What is this!? A bunch of animals and a game!?


This one tries to stay in the crate for some reason.


Review coming soon, review copy and Squeeball plush dolls provided by PDP. All pictures taken via DSi.

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