It’s on! Super Mario All-Stars coming Dec. 12 to Wii


Freaking thing includes the four original SNES remakes—which are awesome— a soundtrack CD, and an illustrated commemorative booklet, just like Japan. Following is the official press release:

Starting Dec. 12, the Super Mario All-Starsâ„¢ Limited Edition will be available for purchase while supplies last. This collectible package features four classic Marioâ„¢ games playable on the Wiiâ„¢ system, a soundtrack CD and an illustrated commemorative booklet. Sure to be a sought-after item among holiday gift-seekers, Super Mario All-Stars will be offered at a suggested retail price of $29.99.

The games included in the Super Mario All-Stars collection are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. Each game features the enhanced graphics and updated sound from the Super NESâ„¢ Super Mario All-Stars collection, and all four can be played on the Wii system using one of several controllers: the Wii Remoteâ„¢ controller, Classic Controllerâ„¢, Classic Controller Proâ„¢ or the Nintendo GameCubeâ„¢ controller.

Also included is a Super Mario History soundtrack CD, a compilation of memorable music from the Mario franchise. Containing classic theme songs and fun sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. game all the way up to this year’s acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 game, this special disc also marks the first official release of the “Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme,” widely recognized as one of the most famous pieces of video game music in history.

Rounding out the Super Mario All-Stars collection is a 32-page Super Mario History booklet featuring interviews, behind-the-scenes details and rare concept art. Fans from every generation can enjoy firsthand insights into the beginnings of Mario, illustrated with candid photos and never-before-seen design sketches. Together with the game software and soundtrack, it’s the ultimate tribute to a unique game series.

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  1. Definitely buying this day one, More for the soundtrack and booklet then the actual game.

  2. This is a guaranteed week one purchase for me. Needless to say that I missed out on quite a few pre-N64 titles… >.<

  3. Going to be pre-ordering this one.

    Great price, too. Though, it would’ve been nice if they had sweetened the deal with Super Mario World. 🙂

  4. Awesome. Definitely pre-ordering.

  5. Here’s my $30 Nintendo. Ship this to me ASAP.

  6. I hope they got enough copies cus I want this baby, never had the SNES version.

  7. Yeah the addition of Super Mario World would have been nice. There was a SNES cart that had All Stars and Super Mario World all in one. Oh well I got it from the VC allready.

  8. It’s supposed to be a limited TIME game but the quantity Nintendo will make of the game will probably be 1 million copies for december and they will sell in a week or so.

  9. what’s the screenie of?

  10. I still have the original game that nintendo gave away way back. I played this game a lot especially the lost levels which is crazy hard and worth the price alone if its included.