The other $50 Nintendo took from my wallet this weekend


Call me crazy, but these days the main purpose of my Wii has been to entertain while friends are over. No console is better equipped for this as just about anybody can pick up a Wii remote and figure out how to play, Nintendo designed it this way. So as I slowly cycle out my four Wii Remote + Wii Motion Plus Voltron-like contraption for Wii Remote Plus controllers, Wii Play: Motion seemed right up my alley.

So far my time with the game has been enjoyable. I knew going in more or less what I was getting, an updated version of Wii Play with three more mini-games than it’s predecessor. With the limited time I’ve had with the game, the mini-games seem to be pretty hit and miss much like Wii Play was. There are a few mini-games that stood out even from the first play such as Skip Skimmer which has you throwing rocks through rings to get points, and Spooky Search where the objective is to point your Wii Remote Plus all over the house trying to find the hiding ghost.

Wii Play Motion won’t be a game you’re going to get 40+ hours out of (unless you REALY enjoy the mini-games), but if have friends to entertain, or a ton of siblings to compete with, Wii Play Motion just may be for you.

Now only one more of these suckers left to purchase, I’ve got my eyes on you special edition Zelda controllor.

Anyone else pick this game up?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. Yes, I got it for the same reason. Since the Wii U will continue to utilize Wii Motion Plus remotes, I’m replacing all my clunky snap-on pieces with the sleeker built-in variety. And I might as well pay an extra $10 to get the Wii Play games (especially with the dynamic cast of developers involved in this one) since there’s nothing else to play right now.

  2. Eugene:

    I’m still on the fence. Are the mini games much better than the ones in Wii Play? At all? I played the original for maybe an hour (Cow Racing was my favorite) and have never touched it since. I even used the case for Wii Sports and banished the Wii Play disc to the Wii Sports envelope.

    Since I do want at least one new controller for Skyward Sword, I guess I’ll probably pick this up one way or the other…

  3. Richard:

    But the Zelda remote will be so much more….bling! And ugly after the fact! Why would you ever buy this when you could get that?! (Man, I suck at text sarcasm.)

    I’ve been reading that Nintendo says that they’ve tried harder with this collection, and that they had legitimately better games. Sounds like it was just another sales pitch…sad to hear.

  4. I don’t want any minigames, but I do want that gold controller. I’m gonna be saving Hyrule in style.

  5. If you had registered the first Wii Play with Club Nintendo back in the day, you get a special code from them to let you buy a disc-only version of Wii Play: Motion for $30. Mine should be here tomorrow!

  6. Oh so you bought a new Motion Plus wii remote, cool.

  7. I’m skipping this release since I already have a black Wiimote Plus (thanks to FlingSmash), a Red Wiimote Plus (from my second Wii console) and two white Wiimotes with WM+ attachments so I’m set.

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