Nintendo 3DS not the final name, 3D mode is optional

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata spoke with investors last week about the upcoming 3DS, and some additionally details have emerged. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. 3DS is not “the formal name,” Iwata maintained, but rather a working title. The final name will most likely be unveiled at E3 next month.
  2. Due to health concerns, 3D graphics are entirely optionally. “Some people, including adults, have difficulty with three dimensional visuals,” Iwata said. “So, while the 3D image is a special feature of the 3DS, we won’t force the player to use the 3D functionality. By making it so that the player can at all times play with [the 3D feature] off, we believe we can comply with those who have difficulty with the 3D view or those who are worried about their child’s eyes.”

That second bit makes me think the graphics might not pop like I had first envisioned. Thoughts?

(Thanks, Markus)