Nintendo DS to Get Thundercats!

Announcement of new games is always exciting, regardless of the title.  It shows that there is forward moving progress within the Console developers as well as the game developers.  With E3 fast approaching, and many other conferences already taking place, we are getting a glimpse of things to come.  The multitude of new games and toys is sure to be mind blowing and surreal.  We are sure to see some of the same old FPS copycats, and boring RPG’s as well as epic new adventures and realistic war based games.   But, every once in  awhile, a game comes out that makes even the most hardcore fan boy squeal like a little girl.  A game that reeks of nostalgia while stillr etaining its “new game” smell.

I believe Thundercats, for the Nintendo DS is that game.  Namco Bandai has confirmed Thundercats will be coming to the Nintendo DS (not 3DS).  The game has not been officially announced, but a playable demo was available on the show floor at the Global Gamers Day press conference.  The game is a side scrolling adventure, based on the new cartoon series.  The release date is slated for sometime in August.

The classic side scroller format brings the game back to Nintendo’s roots, yet story based on the new series lends some newness to the game.  The main character is, of course, Lion-O, however you can call upon allies to help with special attacks.  It is also stated that Mumm-Ra will make an appearance.

I can only hope that the success of this game will usher out releases of other classics such as He-Man, M.A.S.K., Mysterious Cities of Gold, and Inspector Gadget!

THUNDERCATS, HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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