More portable developers defecting from Nintendo


Here’s another sign that developers are doubting the 3DS’s future as a mobile gaming device: Long-time Nintendo second party developer Level-5 has announced they’ll start porting and/or shifting development to iOS devices. Ouch.

Could this be one last hooray?


  1. I don’t know if it’s “doubting Nintendo” so much as it’s trying to capitalize on what’s popular now. Nintendo still has the magic and if Level-5 doesn’t get the response they want, they’ll be back.

  2. Can you blame them, Nintendo has the old school licensing fees. The dinosaur needs to evolve, or it will go extinct!

  3. Have you seen the trailer for Layton Brothers on iOS? It’s looking pretty amazing.

  4. They aren’t jumping ship, they just aren’t exclusive anymore. Good god what a misleading headline.

    Call of Duty can be found on all systems, and it works out well for everyone. It’s not an issue.

  5. They never “announced” anything. Capcom has iOS apps. Sega has iOS apps. Heck, even Nintendo has an iOS app (or at least on Android). Just because a developer experimentally broadens their reach with ONE game, doesn’t mean they dought the company they mainly develop for. You found the most negative version of this game announcement to link to. Some things Ninty does “could” be justified for hating, but this is just ridiculous.

  6. I agree with David Ramos, the other companies just want to make money, and the money is coming from iOS right now. Until the 3DS begins to sell like the Nintendo DS, I think 3rd parties will stay away.

  7. Wow, they make games for another platform now, OMG! Chill out Blake.

  8. While I agree with most others that this isn’t death-sentencing Nintendo, I will agree that this is rather important news…

    Remember, this is a 2nd party we’re talking about, this is something 3rd parties do, rarely (if not never) 2nd parties.

  9. (EDIT) Not to say 2nd parties can’t be on different platforms, it’s just rare that they move their main franchises that’s associated to the company they’re 2nd party to – to a different platform

  10. Yes, this isn’t a death-blow for Nintendo, but I agree that it’s a sad and significant event. Between Layton and Scribblenauts, Nintendo has lost the exclusive use of two of the most charming and critically acclaimed series they’ve ever had outside of their own in-house projects. These were two franchises that helped pull people into Nintendo’s handheld universe, as well as providing quality product in between the big first-party tentpole releases.

    And, as both a 3DS and iPhone fan, I have such mixed feelings about this! I would have loved to see Prof. Layton remain a Nintendo-only character: He fits in so well with Nintendo’s world. Yet I’m excited to think that, in the near future, millions and millions of iPhone owners might discover just how awesome and wonderful the Layton games are. And, of course, I’d love to see future Layton entries at a more wallet-friendly price point. I mean, I’m about to shell out thirty five dollars for Last Specter. After spending several days enjoying the five dollar iPhone Scribblenauts, suddenly that thirty five dollars is seeming awfully out of sync.

    This is going to be a very interesting year in gaming. Seriously, I can’t wait to see what happens.

  11. I think Blake’s just trying to blow another story out of proportion to make Nintendo look bad. What else is new? The 3DS has had a rocky start to say the least but come 2012 it’ll pick up

  12. Level 5 is not a second party developer. They started working with Playstation, and they already do.

    I guess Nintendo has some kind of ownership over Prof. Layton character, that’s why they can’t use Prof. Layton in the iOS game, but his son (?).

  13. I don’t see Nintendo making any more portable systems beyond the 3DS.

  14. Ah, Blake. Still going for the sensationalist headlines I see. Scribblenauts is a year old game that got ported to iOS. The new Layton game is a spinoff AND Level 5 has NEVER been a Nintendo 2nd party developer. They’re 3rd party and Nintendo entered into a contract with them to publish the Layton games outside of Japan. Plain and simple.

    This is just a non-existent “story” that has been “reported” on to drive hits and try to start the flames.

  15. Ha, i think it’s hilarious how defensive people get of Nintendo. Nintendo is a great company creatives who great things, but it’s a company that wants to make money and does not know you personally. Know that.

    Yep, it’s a blow and Nintendo will have to adapt. They didn’t have iOS to compete with before, now they do and it’s not just with other games that are cheaper, it’s with other games they sold on their system alone that are cheaper! (i.e. Layton and Scribblenauts). Yes, it’s a blow, and this competition should only help the consumer. Maybe it’s time Nintendo made some NEW LICENSES.

  16. Also, you might want to give this a read. You know, to actually research something before doing a non-post:

  17. If you follow the artcile in the link, someone notes that Level-5 has been making mobile versions of Professor Layton since 2008. So this isn’t anti-Nintendo news, just something that is portrayed that way at this site, often.

    Not sure why this site bothers with Nintendo related stuff….
    It certainly something they are even neutral about.

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