Three weeks of 3D–How are your eyes doing?

The first time I played 3DS, my eyes felt tired’But since I played for three straight hours, I wasn’t surprised. The next day, the 3D felt much more natural. It reminds me of getting used to trifocal glasses; my first day with the lenses was like looking through a funhouse mirror, and the next day everything looked perfectly normal. Eyes learn quickly!

Now I’m using 3D mode (set anywhere from 50% to 100%) most of the time and feeling no strain or tiredness at all. I really only turn off the 3D when I need to conserve the battery.

Though the “wow” factor has dimmed, the 3D has definitely become a part of the 3DS “look” for me. I’m getting used to visual depth in these games’taking the 3D for granted, but missing it when it’s not there.

So, how are your eyes handling the 3D three weeks in? Do you turn it off often? Do you enjoy it as part of the experience, or would you not care if it weren’t there at all?