Poll – Which old NES game deserves a Sequel?


Which old game do you think deserves a sequel? Tell us why you believe so in the comments and maybe we might read it next week during the podcast!


13 Responses to Poll – Which old NES game deserves a Sequel?

  1. David says:

    A new Ice Climber for WiiWare, sort of like ExciteBike.

  2. Janush says:

    Maniac Mansion
    Battle of Olympus
    Rad Gravity
    Bionic Commando (a proper one)

  3. Andrew G. says:

    Star Tropics deserves a reboot, but Kid Icarus deserves a sequel (and would probably be successful given the amount of interest in such a thing).

  4. Damien says:

    Was I the only one who played Kid Icarus on the Game Boy?

  5. Verius says:

    Kid Icarus needs a sequel, especially after the taste gamers got in Smash Bros Brawl! Its gone AWOL from the gaming world for far too long!

  6. deepthought says:

    Star Tropics! Because I have a crush on Mica!! And I lived in Seattle! And baseball is all-american baby!

    but mostly because i have a crush on Mica.

  7. deepthought says:

    ps i love that you thought to include startropics in your 4 choices!

  8. Old School says:

    I think Kid Icarus should get one only if its 8 bit like what Capcom did with Mega- Man.
    On a side not i think a sequel to Marble Madness with more levels and options would be cool. Spelunker would also be pretty cool!

  9. Josh says:

    I always thought that they should make StarTropics 3 and have Mike go to the alien world. But I also LOVE Crystalis and would love to see a sequel to that!

  10. Will says:

    I just wanted to say, Crystalis needs a revitalization, especially after nintendo bought the rights to the game from SNK and published that remasted GBC title.

  11. Mr.cranky says:

    I too, want a sequel to startropics 😀 never played em untill their VC releases and the 2nd game was highly enjoyable. Running into diffrent historical figures in a goofy way made me miss late 80s, early 90s gaming. that was the best time to be a kid playing games 😀

  12. J_man86 says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another game with that Jumpman guy in it.

  13. DAve says:

    Crystalis, which is the best video game in existence, to this day. Only game on this list with a story worthy of a sequel, it’s just lesser known, so I guess we’ll get an ice climber sequel instead.

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