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Poll Time! What is the best Nintendo home console?

The air is getting crisp and the pumpkin spice is getting consumed so that can only mean one thing, fall is upon us. One of my favorite things to do every year around this time is grab an old console

Infendo’s back, and needs your help. It’s Infendo poll time!

Hello Infendo and welcome back to the site. As you all well know, the site has been down for going on 4 months now, but I promise you, we’re back! If you haven’t heard, I am the new owner of

Poll~ Would you read a book on your DS?

Let us known in the comments how you really feel about reading books on your DS! {democracy:115}

Infendo Poll: Is the DS Educational?

In Japan, there are DS titles to teach you just about anything you can think of. From how to cook, to how to smile, there’s no shortage of these instructional non-games, the bulk of which are focused on learning a

Poll – Which old NES game deserves a Sequel?

Which old game do you think deserves a sequel? Tell us why you believe so in the comments and maybe we might read it next week during the podcast! {democracy:110}

Majority of readers own more than one console, but not majority of gamers

After nearly 1000 votes, 59 percent of Infendo readers say they own more than one current generation console, which include Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. Given that the majority of Infendo readers are gaming enthusiasts, that’s less than one might