Which Pokémon series was your Favorite?



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  1. With Gold and Silver, they introduced a paintbrush thing called Smeargle, so yeah, I’ll pass on anything newer than Mew and Ho-oH.

  2. I really don’t get why everyone seems to hate the newer ones so much. People complain about game series that never change, then when Nintendo and Game freak try to add some new monsters, all they do is bitch. A lot of the newer Pokemon are pretty good, but the nostalgia whores just think nothing should change. I’m nostalgic about the old days too, as I’ve been a fan of the series for about 12 years now, and not one of the main series games has been unenjoyable thus far. Plus, it can’t end yet, there’s not a Fire/Dragon type yet. I bet that if the Pokemon from the first gen were introduced in the 4th gen instead, people would be bitching about how characters like Charizard and Mewtwo are unoriginal.

  3. It’s almost like people expect Nintendo to kill off a multi-million dollar franchise. If Pokemon needs to end, Final Fantasy needs to end first.

  4. the GB/GBC were the best Ruby and SAF. killed everything that made me love Krystal,

    -no night/day
    -no (useless) phone (now vs. seeker, that you have to charge by walking????)

    -go in the back of the daycare

    -GO back to kanto!

    – Backwards compatibility;

    -Hair cuts!!! (make your pokemon happy) 8P

    -Fight ASH!

    -Radio to tell u what pkmn are were

    -better “puzzles”

    -At the start of the game if you talk to the random guy, outside elm’s lab, he gets angry and Hit/kicks you!!! LOL!!!

    -and much more!!!!

  5. 230 hours on Pearl.

    I think having a great bunch of friends online and offline helped that, and there are so many ways of interacting with each other now.

    The vast amount of poket monsters and the “story” were a bit too much for me though.

  6. I actually really hate the sinnoh region. Because its ugly. not because of older nostalgic regions.

  7. While I think the latest installments are the most beautiful and complete, I really miss the time/day of the week Pokémon hunting mechanics of Silver and Gold… I haven’t picked up either SoulSilver or HeartGold yet, but does anyone know if the day-of-the-week requirement for certain Pokémon was brought back? That would make it a sure buy for me!

  8. pokemon needs a good refresh. ooorrr. bring it out on the wii. like pokemon yellow. but on the wii. non of that snatch and dark pokemon crap to catch a poemon. i wanna talk in the grass and see the pokemon then battle it. with a new epic story. please and thanks

  9. o and dress up my guy and personalise everything and stuff so when ur online im not battyling somone the exact same as me.

  10. I started with the Pearl version as my first ever Pokemon game (at 40 years of age). I’ll be picking up the new orange one for my son then I will play through it when he is done.

    Why don’t they have a proper game for the Wii?

  11. I think I got the most out of Ruby, I played through it twice, with both play through’s going above 100 hours. I do however prefer silver, I loved how you play through two leagues, I remember when I first finished Silver, went back to the prof only for him to tell me to carry on getting badges, I was gobsmacked, all the music remixed, being abl to see how Kanto had grown, with Koga’s sister taking over his gym, Blue taking over the veridian gym. Great great game.

  12. I personally have liked GSC the most, and then RSE, but I think I only like GSC the most because that was what came out when I loved the series the most. I was collecting the cards, watching the show, etc, so I was thrilled when a new game came out.
    I’m guessing that younger kiddos would find the older games boring and stupid, as they were introduced to pokemon with the more current editions of the game series.

  13. I like Red and Blue the most. By the time GSC came out Pokemon had died out where I’m from.

    Plus, RBY were just the best. The best pacing, the best characters, the coolest pokemon, the neatest secrets and dungeons and the coolest glitch in videogame history (missingno)!

  14. I think we all like the 2nd gen because of the great story and two reigeons.

  15. For a long time I was firmly in the nostalgia camp (Nothing beats Red and Blue, these young whippersnappers with their 300+ pokémon etc. etc.), until the 4th gen came out. My friend convinced me to get Pearl (I wanted Diamond, but he got there before me…:P), so I got it just after my 18th birthday after taking about a 6 year break from the games. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t get into it properly until I went to University in September of that year, when I met my current group of friends 2 of whom already had Diamond and another 2 of whom purchased Diamond and Pearl for Christmas that year. I now have over 280 hours on Pearl, with a Pokédex of 350+, a fully EV trained team and a second EV trained team in the works, just over 50 on Platinum, in fact I’ve just saved that after getting out of Victory Road about 15 minutes ago :P, and I’ve played through Diamond twice in order to get a Dialga for me and my girlfriend :P. So yeah, I went off topic a little there, but in summary the 4th gen is now by far my favourite. I do agree with one point though. The ability to go back to Kanto in Gold and Silver. I just hope in one of the future gens they let you go back to all of the previous regions. It’d take them a while to make mind, but it’d be absolutely awesome :P.