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The game has been out for a week now and you’ve had plenty of time to check it out.  This week, we want to know:


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  1. Didn’t think the wheel would be the way I would play this game. Once I tried it, I won’t play the game any other way. It is also amazing how many people are using the single remote/wheel online.

  2. I like the wheel because it makes an old game feel new. I could probably do better with the chuckmote but it feels more like the same old grind that way.

  3. I do just fine with my Golden Wiil.

  4. The DS, of course! How could that not be an option?

  5. GC all the way! I tried the wheel and found it not as intuitive to drift coming from continuous years of MK:DD play.

    Tried the classic control as well, pretty much the same, but I found it a bit cumbersome to move upward to the d-pad for tricks as opposed to downward with the GC (natural thumb position toward the bottom of the analog being the difference)

  6. It looks like the biggest difference from the Wii vs the 360 is the Wii is selling better in Japan. American sales between the two consoles are about equal. I own both systems, but right now I’m enjoying my Wii a lot more.

  7. Hey Craig, I think you commented on the wrong story… no worries though, we all know what you meant… btw I’ve been rocking the Wii wheel since day one and have been having too much fun to try anything else… I think I’ might eventually try the remote+nunchuck and if I ever have more than two people over to play we’ll need to break out the Gamecube controllers (I’m still holding out for some alternate color remotes!).

  8. I started out with the wheel and still like it the best, because it’s something different, but I ended up moving to the nunchuck combo. I would like a pivot for the wheel.

  9. Wheel! and my girlfriend… Wheel!

  10. I know Craig’s comment is in the wrong place, but can I say…true the XBOX 360 and Wii sales are almost the same in the US, but the 360 has been out for a WHOLE YEAR LONGER!!!

  11. Oh and Wii Wheel all the way.

  12. Wiimote by itself should be an option. I play Excite Truck style.

  13. I initially used the wheel, but switched over to Wiimote/nunchuck combo for the 150cc cups. I’ve been using it ever since. The wheel works great for slower cups, but you really need the precision of an analog if you want to win anything.

  14. I tend to agree with KillerHeroes. The Wheel is a lot of fun, but the chukmote is great for the accuracy needed in tougher races. Either scheme, shaking the Remote for tricks feels great!

  15. The wheel is hardcore. If you can’t win with the wheel, you simply suck. (Ironic, huh?)

  16. I was pleasantly surprised by the wheel. It actually feels GOOD to play it this way. It may not be quite as accurate but it is more immersive and fun.

  17. Wii Wheel all the way. I tried the GC controller a few days back and it took me like an hour to figure out that you can do tricks with the D-Pad. Still. Wii Wheel is an awesome piece of kit even if it is only a controller shell. Down’t get any better than playing with that. I have one thing though, they should SoO update double dash to use the Wii wheel. that would be amazing. it has the potential to revive any old racing game for me.

  18. I haven’t even thought about using an anlogue stick. Not the nunchuck or even the classic controller/gamecube.
    The wheel is so much fun. But I have to admit, it’s harder using the wiimote alone then it is with the wheel attached.

  19. Wow, people actually like the wiil? I thought everyone hated it. I heard nothing but bad reviews for it.

    I use nunchuk/wiimote. The controls were really simple for me, though I haven’t tried using my GameCube controllers yet. (Played a Japanese demo)

  20. I vote Wiimote minus wheel. The wheel just slows down my awesome.

  21. I expected to hate the wheel, but have thus far not even bothered with any other control scheme. It is simply fun. That being said, when I start worrying about ghosts and time trials I will probably start using the ‘chuck.

  22. Props to anyone who can win 150cc w/ that wheel.

  23. Hey your almost there Craig I may actually get gears of war 2 for the xbox 360 just to get a glimpse of the new unreal tech in real time. But really the monthly sales have been outrageous. I think really in America your seeing a xbox-wii combo in America from some hardcore players.

    As for the wheel well come on I played excite truck like it was grantourismo!

  24. I have over 15 hours now playing with the wheel, and I have to say that I don’t feel any less precision or whatever. Just give the wheel a chance and it will deliver.

  25. I knew right off the bat no matter how hard or annoying it would be I was going to play with the wii wheel come hell or high water. This is a new console with a new control scheme, why on earth would I use a gamecube controller when I have been using that for 5 years (2001-2006.) The classic controller is for my virtual games, and well why use the wii remote and nunchuk when you have a steering wheel! Bottom like no its not the most accurate, but it is the most fun, and isn’t that all that really matters. I am not even going to try the nunchuk or gamecube controller with this game.

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