At Least One DS Game is Enhanced by the 3DS’s Circle Pad

The 3DS’s circle pad actually works as an input for regular DS games. I’ve found that it’s bothersome to use it for games like Pokemon HeartGold, but it improves the control in Mario Kart DS. The circle pad is easily on my list of the top three best features of the Nintendo 3DS.

Has anyone else discovered a DS game that plays better thanks to the circle pad?



  1. Super mario 64 DS! I imagine Okamiden also, which is on my ‘buy soon’ list, I wasn’t to impressed with d-pad controls on the demo!

  2. Without a doubt the circle pad is horrible for all of the pokemon games i played on it so far. But yes, it sure as sugar does enhance mario kart. I def. love how the circle pad feels and moves with pilot wings and monkeyball 3DS.

  3. This post convinced me to finally put a DS cartridge into my 3DS! I tried it on (don’t laugh) Cars Maternational (really, don’t laugh, it’s the 2nd best racer on DS) and it works great, though it’s very sensitive on this title.

    Seriously, I might repurchase Mario 64 DS now!

  4. I actually didn’t buy a 3DS game but Okamiden instead and I can say that while it isn’t perfect it plays a lot smoother than playing it with the D-pad.

  5. i actually dont mind using it in pokemon

  6. Yeah pokemon is fine for me i just over-run things sometimes.

  7. It sucks for Dragon Quest.

  8. Does using the circle pad on DS games really provide any simulated analog control? Or is it a placebo effect?

    I haven’t tried it yet (I will), but it seems like DS games are designed to receive an input from the D-Pad that is all or nothing. I’m not sure if the analog quality of the circle pad would actually affect it.

    Am I missing something?

  9. Mario 64 DS!!

  10. Mario 64…to a point dont expect full analog control feel but it does enhance the movement with pad.

  11. Super Mario 64 DS, LEGO Harry Potter and a lot of 3D adventure games, behind character or overhead!

  12. Forgot Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and Re:coded :D.

  13. The DS version of Goldeneye 007!

  14. Yippeeeee, now I can play super mario 64 ds with ease. I always thought that sm64ds was a brilliant remake only to be let down by its rough controls.

    I hear the 3ds doesn’t 100% fix it but it as you still have to use the y button and you can still only run in 8 directions. But it basically makes the game much more playable.

    No more frustration with bowser fights from now on!

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