Majority of readers own more than one console, but not majority of gamers

wii boxAfter nearly 1000 votes, 59 percent of Infendo readers say they own more than one current generation console, which include Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. Given that the majority of Infendo readers are gaming enthusiasts, that’s less than one might expect.

It’s also soft proof that the majority of gamers only own a single console, because let’s face it: video games can be expensive, both in terms of dollars and time required to play. Thanks for voting.


  1. Uhm… who’s boss hog?

  2. games are stupidly exspemsive.. when compaired to DVD and such

  3. thats why i only play them to see the story and i dont like to play sequels since they not only recycle the character, sometimes the story is recycled too…

  4. Blake = Boss Hog

  5. @Boss Hog

    That’s quite a leap in logic to get to that conclusion, even if it’s qualified as “soft proof.”

    Besides, couldn’t one also imagine that most Infendo readers are Nintendo enthusiasts, and as such, have no interest in the other consoles? Maybe 59% seems high…

    I’m not saying that your assumption about gamers is wrong, per se, just that your argument doesn’t carry much weight.

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