A Friend Indeed: My Nintendo Power Collage

Mushroom Kingdom birthday cakes, NES beds, master sword quilts…Nintendo fans tend to celebrate their passion in crazy, time-intensive ways. Thanks to my friend Lindsay, I own my own little unique Nintendo creation. These three collages were made from Nintendo Power clippings, and they decorate the binder I use for pretty much everything (L-R Back, Spine, Front).

Though I had to wait a few months for the final product (I’m not complaining, though, by any means), the time Lindsay spent working on it totaled around 6-8 hours. That time was spent snipping, arranging, and pasting. “It was really fun to do,” Lindsay revealed, “because Nintendo has such diverse characters. Link looks dramatically different from Mario Kart, which looks different from Pokemon.”

Do you have an original Nintendo-themed creation? Tell us about it in the comments!