Poll – Homebrew


pollhomebrew.jpgSince the dawn of time, people have tried to get Doom to play on devices for which it was never intended. Seriously, though, homebrew applications for consoles and handheld game systems have been around for a while now.  They really became popular on the DS due to many inexpensive devices making it fairly easy to do.  This week we want to know:


If so, let us know what your favorite applications are in comments!


  1. If I had been asked this just two weeks ago I would have said no. The Twilight Princess hack allows a person to try out homebrew with little consequence.

  2. No. Those inexpensive devices are synonymous of piracy around here, so I don’t like them.

  3. I haven’t, but I’ve got an R4 coming my way soon, and I’m no stranger to homebrew on other consoles, so I voted yes.

  4. yes, the homebrew I’ve used the most is the emulators on the R4. I’ve played them far more than other homebrew that is usually broken or ugly looking. I have a snes, genesis, nes, and gameboy library on my ds right now. it rules.

  5. MoonShell. Absolutely the best DS homebrew available because it allows you to read text, watch movies, listen to MP3s, view photos, and more. Who doesn’t want to turn their DS into a multimedia machine?

    Others homebrew programs worth mentioning:
    (1) DSOrganize – Offers many PDA features, with some bonus items like IRC chat and a Web browser.
    (2) DSZhongWen – Learn to speak Chinese on your DS!
    (3) Nitrotracker – Record samples, and then mix them on the move.
    (4) Colors! – A professional quality drawing application. You can see sample art (created with a DS) here: http://colors.brombra.net/

  6. Oops… forgot to mention a new favorite:
    (5) LoneWolfDS – If you ever read the Lone Wolf book series, then you’ll feel right at home with this application… although the sweet graphical interface makes “playing” much easier than ever before. So far, only Flight From the Dark has been translated over – with full permission and legal rights to do so.

    Not all homebrew involves pirating or emulation. The programs I’ve listed are really just the tip of the iceberg…

  7. No, but I will soon.

  8. For those w/ experience with it, whats the best cartridge to buy for homebrew?

  9. Moonshell and iPod DS music applications. That’s about it for me.

  10. I tried the NDS calc as my TI is missing after not being used for years. I feel dumb, but I couldn’t seem to get the program to work as a functional calculator. Thinking of getting the TI-84(?) emu for the NDS. Used Moonshell and positively love it. Recently been thinking of looking for a web browser which ejamer just made easier for me :).

    d_avg – I use a CycloDS and love it. I have a friend with an R4 (I think) and have heard glowing reviews of that from other sources. In my research it pretty much came down to a photo-finish tie between CycloDS and R4, though maybe that’s changed since.

  11. Wasn’t there supposed to be an official PDA-type software that was coming out for DS? Maybe even developed by Palm?

    I would be interested in something like DSOrganize rather than have to go buy yet another gadget.

  12. DS Organize
    Lameboy DS
    Japanese Acadamy DS

  13. Yes!
    I have Qoob Pro on my Gamecube for all those games that never shows up in Europe, although I’m not playing that much GameCube as of now.

    For my Nintendo DS Lite I have Acekard R.P.G Pro and I mostly use it for some emulators (SNES works very well with some games), an image viewer to view stuff and read downloaded web comics (Ctrl+Alt+Del especially) and of course playing games without the hassle of having several carts along with you and your DS. Acekard acts both as a USB memory and supports SD cards so I can really recommend it.

  14. They actually sell stuff at Gamestop that lets you run DS homebrew!

  15. Pocketnes and goomba on the GBA Micro. Hundreds/Thousands of games in your arse pocket. If you went back in time 20 years and showed someone that it’d blow their mind!

  16. I hacked a PSP I used to own. Downgraded the firmware and I was playing NES, SNES & Genesis games like they were going out of style. 😉

  17. DSOrganize
    Tettads (Was out long before Tetris Attack DS or whatever it’s called)
    DSLibris for reading & Moonbooks.net for all of the heroes comics, free text books and vids
    A Touch of War (I played it a lot, but understood little about this rts)
    The partial Warcraft III port
    LumiDS (Lumines ported to the dS, it’s kind of off though)
    Aplitude DS

    and as for the best cart, I’d say it ahs to be the M3 Real or the Cyclo DS. I’ve used M3 Pro, M3 Perfect, M3 Simply, GBAMP 2, and EZ flash something. The Simply is the same thing as an R4, but the gui are different in appearance only. they both come from the same company. The m3 Real is the next-gen Simply/R4. it’s mostly the same, but has game speed altering (slo-mo), gba emulation (with a slot 2 card that has enough ram or the ram card. Only gba games of that size and smaller will work), multiple game save switching on one game (not just backing up like on the r4 and simply), and it can accept microsdhc cards (SD cards over 2 gigs in size with a theoretical max size of 128 gigs, 8 gigs are out now, 4 gigs are reasonably about $20 in price.). I’d been following the cards for a long time before I got my first one about 2 years ago and have upgraded and tried out a bit between then and now. The Cyclo DS is a European card and has better translations because of it. It’s support is just as good as the M3 team, and I think it can speed up more games than the Real. the main difference between the two is price. An m3 Reall costs about the price of a new DS game ($35 with a minimal bundle, $45 with a great bundle, and $55 with the best bundle you can get that allows fo complete gba emulation) while the CycloDS price hovers between a new Wii game and special edition 360 game ($50-$70, every now and then it dips below $50 on some sites).

    Some sites spike the prices up on everything regardless, you just gotta know where to look.

  18. LOneWolf

  19. Absolutely. Homebrew on the DS is a must.

  20. ISN’T lONEwOLF THAT TEXT/MUDLIKE Game/book that recently got revitalized for the DS? how is that? I havn’t tried it out yet.

  21. the homebrew scene has always intrigued me, but it’s never been a strong enough pull for me to dive in. I have plenty of entertainment with regular games.

  22. I’ve never ran homebrew… on a Nintendo product
    On the other hand, that’s the entire reason I bought a PSP

  23. I couldn’t understand why so many just assumed the DS wouldn’t be good for homebrew, given its healthy lineage which stated completely the opposite and still does, while blindly praising their PSPs as the end all. Oh well, I guess people were caught up in the hype.

    I have ScummVM on my DS — I own all of my Lucas Art Graphic Adventures, many of which I’ve bought more than once over the years. I just wish I could play The Dig on it…

    I also have Powder. This is the best type of cheese.

  24. Sweet I was staying away from this stuff since I had so much to do. But these apps are simply sweet! Does 2 gig cards work on the r4? If I could do textures at 512 x 512 by way of zooming I would be set! I guess I could go 256 x 256. Looks like I won’t have to get that wacom monitor after all!

  25. Bii you are so hardcore man!

  26. R4’s max is 2 gigs. And remember it’s micro sd, not just SD.

  27. i have loads of 2 gig cards sweet! they are micro sd also. Man the scumm things is like zaki and wki almost? They should bring those games back! I mean when you think about it final fantasy 13 could come to the Wii using that system…LOL unless they really let you do live action fighting! Some nice homebrews any way. I would like to see cortex command on here though.

  28. I just ordered Acekard 2, so I will be soon.

  29. Not in a long time. I have one the first ds flash cards, a big honkin M3 cf. I never got around to getting a new passme for my lite and my flashed ds broke awhile back. I only use it for gba games now.

  30. Severely tempted, and have seen a friend do it, but I’m lacking a DS so no. I’m definitely curious about how development’s going on in the Wii. A homebrewed MP3 player or video player would be sweet.

  31. M3 simply here….
    I’m using dsreminiscence(flashback engine), ds doom and opentyrian ds…

  32. No, but I wish I did…. I’m really curious about that DSZhongWen application!

  33. I have a EZFlashV.

    Its great, never have to pay for a ds game again. On a 2g card I have about 25 games right now, and I never even have to worry about changing cards around or carrying more than just what is in the system.

  34. I use DSTT/TTDS, whatever you wanna call it.
    Plays perfectly, and I got it pretty cheap.
    I use MoonShell, which can play music, movies, view pics and .txt files; NESDS; and SNEMulDS.
    And it had SDHC capability. My 8GB MicroSD works great.

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