Infendo Poll: Is the DS Educational?


In Japan, there are DS titles to teach you just about anything you can think of. From how to cook, to how to smile, there’s no shortage of these instructional non-games, the bulk of which are focused on learning a new language:

See how they hide the girl’s face when she’s speaking English at the end? Titles like this seem to be a dime a dozen but you rarely see anyone making actual progress with them. So we want to ask you — have you used the DS to learn something new? Take our poll and let us know!



  1. Where’s the 7th option: “Mommy, I’m hungry!”?

  2. This is like the “Are videogames art?” argument. Elements of videogames can be art, and elements of videogames can be educational, but it’s not black and white.

  3. It’s more of a practical question Nickius — I don’t think there’s any argument that games can have educational elements but we’re more curious to know if the DS’s offerings specifically have yielded educational results given the console’s wealth of software in this category.

  4. I noticed with the site redesign that the poll has disappeared. Any chance of getting it stickied to the main page again? Or is that space reserved for ads now?

  5. Well, My Japanese Coach for the DS is pretty Nifty. I started doing a bit every day in the beginning of the Spring Semester, but had to stop as I got way too busy.

    Even though I didn’t get very far in it, it did help me memorize/learn some things. Let’s see how that goes over the course of this Summer!

  6. @Alexis same here. starting to pick it up again and dang! trying to remember those characters is pretty hard too!

  7. hmmm i should pick up the learn chinese DS game… i am chinese and i have no idea how to read or write it XD i should pick up chinese and then see how far i can get with japanees and if i’m lucky, i can play jap games 😀

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