Survey says: 78% of 3DS respondants think 3D is worthless


Not only that, but 28% believe the 3D effect actually detracts from the gameplay, according to a new survey cited by Gamespot. 22% believed 3D actually improved gameplay, while 13% preferred playing with 3D off. Either way you look at it, talk about an uphill battle.


  1. huh? Those percentages don’t make sense

  2. 3D is just as pointless as HD. They’re just gimmicks that makes games look better.

  3. I can’t play with the 3d on when it comes to games I can watch cut scenes in 3d but that’s it.
    I tried using the 3d on the legend of zelda ocarina of time 3d, but my console was jittering around to much for me because of button mashing.
    So when I played ocarina of time 3d I had no choice except to turn it off because it wasn’t nothing but a hectic blur with it on.
    I bought the 3ds because of my ds breaking a long time go and might as well get the 3ds since they will have other games coming out for it to.

  4. I guess it would depend on which game you are playing…

  5. Ah, this is the Infendo that I love; trolling as soon as it can.

  6. I agree with Abdulla, but I want to point out that I have no negative connotation in that statement. I love having the 3D on, but don’t NEED it. I DO think it adds to the experience, but I think the same thing about HD, and (so far) NEITHER has “improved” the experience, just added to it.

    Also, this is not an uphill battle that Nintendo is fighting alone. Inadvertently and in a roundabout way Sony helps Nintendo too (Sony went on record saying people score higher/better with 3D on than off). Though no system “should” take this long to take off, give it about another 6-9 months and see what people say then. As much as I hate the series wait for Activision to release CoD: MMCLXVI – Universal War (which will probably use the slide pad add-on) made specifically for the 3DS and (obviously) utilizing 3D and see what “people” say then about the 3D.

    (Side note: I have only played about six 3DS games, to include things like Face Raiders and eShop 3D content. Almost everything looks and works great with 3D on, except for Zelda. For some reason, when the 3D is on in this title, I notice “ghosting” or “artifacts” like the 3D is off or something, but not on any other titles, regardless of the degree of 3D. Has anybody else noticed this or had this problem?)

  7. I’m in the minority: I LOVE YOU, 3D!!!!!!:)

    Not for eveything: I don’t put grape jelly on my mashed potatoes, either. Starfox is awesome in 3D. It completely depends on the game.

    I blame Nintendo for not giving us games that make great use of the AR feature. It’s been six months, now.

  8. I’d rather hear what Nintendo’s polls say.. You know, from people who actually own the system? I literally play 100% 3d in every game. It makes everything pop even more, without the extra load of all the shaders to show depth.. Meh, I thought the same thing about HD tv’s back when they were new. Eventually I got an HD tv, and just the same, 3d will be accepted in a few more years. Did HD add anything to games? Not really, just more icing on the cake, 3d does the same. I wish 3dtv’s were cheaper and didn’t need glasses. I’d love me some 3dHD Zelda games…. MMmmmm..

  9. Ouch. Old news I guess, but Nintendo is certainly fighting an uphill battle here. 3D is just seeming more and more like a gimmick many people just don’t want. Which obviously worries me a tad.

  10. Personally, I don’t care about 3D.

    Give it to me, or don’t, just let me play some games.

    That said, I usually do play with the 3D on.

  11. Don’t believe every survey you see. About 65% of the people interviewed probably didn’t have 3DS’s. People lie. And sometimes Tgey just ask tge wrong people to judge it fairly. I have never trusted any surveys save presidential elections.

  12. Personally, I DO care about 3D.

    It isn’t worthless – it’s only worthless if used incorrectly.

    3D for me, strangely, isn’t about graphics – it’s about function.

    2 things:

    1) There are a large amount of people who are turned off by handhelds due to their screen size. Many say that they’d rather play epic games on larger screens, and I somewhat agree with them after playing games like Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid games on the PSP — I couldn’t love them as much as I loved the home-console versions due to the epicness that needed more screen-love. (though I still love handhelds)

    The 3D in the 3DS gives an illusion like you’re looking through a window. Making the world on the “other side” feel much larger, and far less claustrophobic and constricted. This rids of the screen problem once you can put the slider all the way up to max. If the graphics and world fit well with the 3D, suddenly the game no longer feels confined within a small screen.

    2) The heads of Nintendo often talked about the need of depth perception for things like Mario 64, as one often couldn’t judge the true distance between objects. Well, that argument had came and went, and no one backs that up with the 3DS whatsoever.

    However, during a challenge in Pilot Wings Resort, I was supposed to maneuver between floating mines. Normally this would be easy, but the camera angle was odd, and it was in the sky. What does that mean? Depth perception was suddenly handicapped. Without shadows (due to it being in the sky) and without other object sizes to accurately compare it to (due to the odd camera angle), one practically could only do quick turns around them (if they decided to cut it close like I was doing) through a memorized size “chart” of how big objects were when you were about to collide with them. …however, with the 3D, this was no longer a gamble. Sliding the 3D effect to full, I was able to judge how far each mine was from my plane no problemo. THAT is how the 3D should help in games – and I was indeed impressed by it.

    And that’s why I care about the 3D.

    For those tl;dr: Your point is moot since you’re not willing to read. ;P

  13. Star fox is the first game to prove to me that 3D can really improve gameplay, I try have it on as much as I can on that game, not only does it look amazing but it really helps with how far away from objects you are and what not.

    I do wish the sweet spot was bigger though. When at home or lying down I have it on all the time, unless I’m tired or if on transport and moving around.

  14. Look’s like Infendo’s up to its old tricks again!

  15. The 3D is really good. People just like to bitch.

  16. Nintendo needs to do away with silly gimmicks in order for me to buy one of their newer systems. Give me a straight up game system like those from back in the day…yeah i’m old school and proud of it.

  17. Yeah I can see that, I don’t use the 3D much at all.

  18. I bought the system at launch, and the only reason I bought it was for OOT. When I bought it I regretted it immediately and decided that it was a huge waste of money, I absolutely could not stand the 3D unless it was on the very lowest setting. But as time went on I continued too push that little slider a little farther each time I played, and now I can’t stand playing anything without the 3D on the highest setting, for me it’s like having component cables for your Wii, but not switching the output to 480p, there seems to be so much more detail when you crank up the 3D. Some of my friends have tried playing it, but they insist on having the 3D turned off, and I can’t blame them, I was the same way at first, it just takes time, and because of that peoples first impressions aren’t going to be great. Honestly if I would have played it first I probably wouldn’t have gotten one, the only reason I kept it was because the day after it launched I left for China so I didn’t have much of a choice.

  19. must be a minority
    the 3d looks great and there’s never a problem. i only turn it off if i try to play games outside (the sun ruins the 3d) otherwise it’s on full blast all the time since i first got the system.

    if you were unsure about the 3d before buying and hated it after you should have tried looking at some 3d movies and thought out if you’d like to play your games with the same view type you’re getting from the movie.

    problems with my capitalisation, puctuation, spelling, and grammar errors are because i’m being lazy.

  20. @JG

    There’s a difference between old school and being stubborn.

    It’s not the system that makes the entertainment old school, it’s the games.

    Just because a console has stuff in it doesn’t mean you have to use all of it. Instead of refusing to purchase entire products, how about you purchase products for features you prefer in it? For instance, the fact that the Wii had several games that “kicked it old school” in playstyle that no one outside of the console ever friggin’ knew about because they were being stubborn.

    Whether new school or old school, it’s the games you look forward to.

  21. What are you people really complaining about? Do you REALLY not get any sort of enjoyment from the sense of immersion that comes from the 3D effect? When I started playing The OoT 3D, I was (am still am) tickled by the feeling that I’m finally able to stand in Link’s shoes and look around IN the kingdoms of Hyrule! That comes from the 3D! I love having the option of 3D and the awesome horsepower in the handheld.
    I really get irked by the whining, not-impressed masses that call themselves Nintendo Fans… Get off the “pissy-thankless-bandwagon” and shut up until the holiday season.

    On a seperate note: I am so hyped for Aliens, Rayman and Mario 3D Land!!! BRING IT AWN!

  22. Unless someone comes up and thinks a way in which 3D makes a significant contribution to a title’s gameplay, it will go down as a gimmick.

  23. As someone who doesn’t have a 3DS – because of the lack of a decent battery (and partially the design) – I find myself being more attracted to it as the days go by and I keep reading about the nifty thing.

    Since the price drop, I’ve seen more of them in the wild and I had the chance of playing the 3DS of my cousin. Games like Starwing, Ocarina Of Time and Pilotwings are refreshingly new just because of the 3D. It’s indeed, as stated before in the comments, like you’re looking at a whole new dimension.

    I must concur though: for a lot of games 3D is just a gimmick and doesn’t bring something extra to the experience.

  24. I’ve played Pilotwings, Ocarina of time, Nintendogs+Cats, the AR games, Face Raiders and watched 3D videos on it… and the 3D makes it a better experience. Where do they find the people to survey for this stuff? My guess is half of them don’t even OWN a 3DS.

  25. @Colton: Yep, details pop-up with the 3D and make it a great way to play. Ocarina of Time is completely different with the 3D on and the room in your house when playing Nintendogs just shines with the Slider all the way up.

  26. i love HD. i love my games in HD. i love my movies on bluray (NOT streaming, but actual bluray, which is a better picture). it adds a lot of enjoyment to my gaming and movie watching.

    3D is… meh. doesn’t add much. avatar was a bore. pirahna 3D was great but the 3D was treated as the distracting gimmick it is. 3DS didn’t impress me when I tried it. Though, to be honest, I generally find 3D to be an underwhelming effect. Maybe other people see it better? Maybe I would like it more in Star Fox?

    I dunno. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to clean my glass eye.

  27. @Blake:
    “22% believed 3D actually improved gameplay, while 13% preferred playing with 3D off.”

    Wouldn’t this mean that 13% think that 3D is “worthless?” Saying 78% in the title of the article is misleading.

    Phoenix Wright would object to your faulty logic.

  28. Worthless to some people. To me it looks all trippy

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