Nintendo addresses lack of money-printing console right now


Said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata this week about continued losses:

“The result (of lowing profit expectations) will mainly derive from the decision to mark down the price of the Nintendo 3DS and sell it below cost, sacrificing our profitability for this fiscal year, so that we can get it back on track to its originally-anticipated sales pace so as not to shrink our future business (of the Nintendo 3DS).” (via Attack of the Fanboy)

Iwata then implied that Nintendo would once and for all embrace downloadable content to further boost sales. Finally!


  1. As long as we get full-featured, complete games up front, I’d be happy to pay more for downloadable Mario Kart tracks, Rhythm game songs, new adventure quests, etc.

    But none of that pay-for-increased-stats-to-gain-an-advantage-over-online-opponents B.S.! 🙂

  2. Game Boy library?

  3. I agree with you Richard, I hate that sort-of junk. I’m hoping for some awesome DLC for Mario Kart 7 :).

  4. Release SNES library!!!

  5. I doubt we will get more Mario Kart tracks. They won’t or can’t even patch the glitch on the Wuhu mountain course. Would be awesome though. And I would definately pay for it. I don’t think we will see much DLC for Nintendo games until the 2D Super Mario Bros 3DS game comes out. Why it isn’t available for 3D land and Mariokart 7 is beyond me.

  6. 1. Make 3DS affordable.
    2. Release Gameboy and SNES games for download
    3. Port much-loved N64/Gamecube titles
    4. ????
    5. All my money.