Nintendo eShop–It’s Alive!

The long-awaited update for 3DS is now available for download!

This update brings the eShop and web browser (which can, indeed, display 3D images from select sites) to your 3DS home screen.

Available eShop titles include:

Pokedex 3D (free)

Excitebike 3D (free)

Super Mario Land (3.99)

Alleyway (2.99)

Radar Mission (2.99)

Plus a boat-load of DSiWare!

The eShop interface is colorful and entertaining, delivering your new games in a virtual gift-wrapped box.

A word of caution: With a rush of 3DS owners trying to access the shop at once, you might encounter some opening-day bumpiness: It took me five tries to get in, but it was worth it.

More on the eShop soon! By the way, Pokedex 3D is pretty spectacular.