I’m buying the Nintendo 3DS


Jack made plenty of good points, all of which I had considered before his article. Nevertheless, I am buying the Nintendo 3DS; I bought two, in fact.

Here’s why:


I am absolutely and foremost in love with how the 3DS controls games. The analog stick is well-implemented and is something the DS has seriously lacked. The motion controls, via gyro and accelerometer, is like an iPhone on steroids. I have also spent an extended amount of time playing the 3DS at PAX and can confirm that Nintendo has learned something from designing the Wii and has brought that into the 3DS. If you want an example, try the motion controls for Steel Diver, which are dead on.


Visually, this system is on par with the Wii and would probably look even better if it had a higher resolution display. I was always happy with 2D games on the DS (Ghost Trick and Professor Layton look amazing) but 3D entries were very hit or miss. This system will open all sorts of doors for developers looking to enhance games for the DS with visuals that can finally match the creativity of their imaginations.

Social interaction

I’m in a bigger city, so there’s a chance I will actually run in to fellow 3DS owners via StreetPass. Getting home to see what my Miis have been up to while the system is closed will be a lot of fun. Even before its launch, the 3DS is causing the creation of meet-up groups like in Washington DC, but I’m sure we’ll see other such events for kids (at malls) as well as adults (at pubs).


A lot has been written about the lackluster launch titles. I don’t think there’s a game in the bunch that you could theoretically “finish” but despite that, launch titles still give us glimpses of what this system will deliver. Don’t forget that we’re still seeing great ingenuity on the DS during the eve of 3DS’s launch. And don’t get me started on the AR Cards!

System design

Here’s the one place where I will say that Jack is wrong, but as always, colors are a matter of taste. Physically, the system is rock solid and feels more like the launch of the DS Lite versus the original DS, which I feel was much more rushed to market than the 3DS.


The effect works and makes the world of these games that much more immersive. Like Blake said on the recent Infendo Radio, turning 3D on in Super Street Fighter IV actually makes the graphics in the game look even better. I’m sure this trend will continue as developers get a better idea of what they can wrench out of the 3DS’s graphics chips.

I’m older

I too am an “old man” like Jack. I now prefer the personal interaction between a portable gaming system or a laptop rather than “taking up the whole living room” to play a game on my TV. Plus I have an epic pair of headphones, or ear goggles if you will, that my wife bought me which make portable gaming sound amazing.

In conclusion

Nintendo may have made a system that’s even more divisive than the Wii. There will be pro- and anti-3DS fanatics out there, and both will just keep driving sales up and up. Like I said earlier, I have already ordered two (gotta get one for my wife!) and I expect the more that people get their hands on this system, the more that will snap them up.

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  1. Nice response to Jack’s article, David. You make some good points in favor of the 3DS, but I still need to get my hands on it to see how it handles and how well the 3D works (or how I work with it) before committing.

  2. It’s great to have these two articles side by side, presenting such well-expressed opinions! Of all the 3DS’s features, the ones I’m looking forward to most are the AR cards and the 3D camera. And, regarding the launch games, Nintendogs, Pilotwings and Street Fighter are all games I would have purchased anyway–even if they had more AAA competition on the shelves.

  3. Thanks, Caleb – You’re absolutely right. I had it pre-ordered, but wasn’t above canceling it if my hands-on time with it turned out to be a dud.

  4. Richard – I totally didn’t even get into the 3D camera, which I plan to be obsessed with, too, especially now that 3dporch.com can turn 3DS picture files into cyan-red images!

  5. I just want to give you props for having a bigger image of the 3DS.

  6. Im jumping right in cant miss this.

  7. Funny, the thing that convinced me to buy a 3DS at launch was the confirmation that Pilotwings would be available day one. I adore those games, as I spent hours perfecting my hangliding runs on the 64. I’m also the type to keep trying for better scores, so I’m not worried about how quickly you can unlock all of the missions. If Pilotwings was removed from the launch line-up, I’d wait.

  8. Well argued, David. This little guy truly is polarizing, no? Should be fun to see what it develops into as more games are made available.

  9. It’s been said countless times already, but I’ll say it again: everyone will have their own opinions…it just depends on how well the system fits you individually. As for me? I think it’s just my kind of system.

  10. This website is weird.
    The peolpe who run it are weird.
    What is the point of this site, anyways?
    Intelligent passion for all things Nintendo?
    What does “I’m not buying a 3DS” have to due with “intelligent passion for all things Nintendo?”
    I appreciate your response, David.
    I’m just confused why all of these articles are even on this site.
    You guys should change your motto.
    And change the name of this site, too.
    Just weird.
    Sorry, not meaning to offend anyone.
    It’s just how I feel.
    Please don’t tear me apart.
    I know you will anyways, though.:P

  11. It’s a Nintendo Handheld… Zelda games.. Mario games.. SOLD.. easy enough for me.. It seems weird people are so vocal against everything these days.. >.> Guess thats the internet for ya.

  12. Awesome response, David. This is what Infendo is all about. Differing opinions and well-argued comments. Passionate, intelligent debate about Nintendo, its products and its culture.

    Still not buying it though 😉

  13. Agreed, Jack. This is what I come to Infendo for. Keep it up!

  14. Definitely saw a response article like this coming. :]


    “What does “I’m not buying a 3DS” have to due with “intelligent passion for all things Nintendo?””

    It has to do with the fact that different people have different opinions. Intelligent passion != blind, nauseating fanboy worship. True fans should know that.

  15. “Awesome response, David. This is what Infendo is all about. Differing opinions and well-argued comments. Passionate, intelligent debate about Nintendo, its products and its culture.”

    Unfortunately this gives ammo to critics who feel the “internal Infendo war” over the 3DS is manufactured and fake.

    This website shouldn’t be a clubhouse where you guys play at debate club. Stroking your own egos over your differing opinions making you “superior” to others isn’t exactly what people come here for.

    Serve your readers, not yourselves.

  16. On the contrary, Jeff, the writing that results from the “debate club” keeps the site interesting, and serves the readers quite well. In this case, if someone is on the fence about buying the 3DS, they can read both articles and get a compelling case either way. “Do Jack’s points or David’s points speak more to me?” they might ask.

  17. Jeff:

    Everyone at Infendo writes their honest opinions. It’s not manufactured. Straightforward, upfront thoughts about Nintendo and its products are what we come here for.

  18. Jeff – I can honestly tell you that our opinions are not manufactured or fake. Jack e-mailed me in surprise thanking me for my follow-up post.

    As for serving our readers, I would rather engage them in discussion, which I think is pretty unique for Infendo. Not a lot of other sites will follow up their posts with responses to their readers questions or comments. In fact, I think on more than one occasion, our opinions have been changed based on feedback from you guys!

  19. Great post David! The 3DS won’t join my collection until 1-2 years have passed since there’s just too much going on in my life and in my games collection as to add another drawer full of games…

  20. Reading several negative comments in both David and Jack’s posts, I feel like I should just throw my own feelings out there:

    This debate is GOOD. This isn’t fanboyism or ego-stroking. I personally enjoyed both articles and thought both made good points. More than anything else, these articles have made me stop and think about what it is that I value in a gaming system, and if what I value is currently there with the 3DS. Isn’t that the point of a site like Infendo–to get fans to think about their games rather than mindlessly following whatever the latest craze is? To me, this is what sets Infendo apart from the other gaming sites I follow.

    So to both David and Jack: THANK YOU! Your articles are well written and thought-provoking. Keep up the good work!

  21. It’s not like the two articles are part two of the Metroid: Other M review hehehe.

  22. I think jeff hit a little too close to home if everybody came in here to repeatedly assure that this isn’t some kind of phony clickbait stunt.

    nobody cares about your grand narratives of the debate is. I’d rather catch the latest 3DS news, which infendo used to provide when it was hungry for readers.

    thankfully infendo has competition. better blogs and better places for me to be.

    peace out

  23. I like the opposing views… it makes it a bit easier to make a pro and con list for the system. My wife always says when I have a tough time making a decision, to make a pro and con list. I don’t agree with all the pro/con comments but have agreed to some so it makes a good checklist.

    At this time, I’m going to buy a system at launch. I’ve always had 5 or 6 games from the launch list on my want list so software is not the issue.

    It all boils down to tomorrow’s play test of the system at the local Best Buy… if I can see some 3D effect, Nintendo sees some green from me. I’m not concerned about getting headaches or eyestrain from the system as I don’t have a ton of time to play it.. more smaller time intervals to enjoy the system. (Unless I get hooked on a title.. that’s different! lol).

  24. I have actually tried the 3DS twice here in France. The 1st time a few weeks ago in a shop but with no games (just the menu) and today with a demo version of Pilotwing. The system is neat, I can see the 3D, the circle pad is fantastic , very responsive and pleasant to use. But there is just one (big) issue, the 3D makes me feel dizzy, it gives me some type of nausea few minutes after I have stopped playing. I really recommend people to try it before buying it. It’s the best way to see if 3D is made for you.

  25. @Chelsea:
    Sorry, but that’s exactly why I think you guys are all nuts. 😛
    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    If any of you here want a really good Nintendo site, try nintendoeverything.com
    it’s the best Nintendo site I’ve ever come across, and the editors are all (pretty) nice.

  26. goddammit. someone else is using the “deepthought” tag. again.

    Hey infendo- please work on a system that lets us protect our tags. I didn’t leave that last message, some other deepthought did.

  27. NekoKnight,

    So you think we SHOULD all be blind, nauseating fanboys who never disagree with each other internally? Uh… OK then. That’s not what you’ll be getting here so in that case you’re right, you’d be better off elsewhere.

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